I have a slight headache

But it is SO fucking annoying. I don’t know whether to get up and go take some aspirin, or just go to bed early.

Just go to bed. Weenie.


Ah, come on Ukie! The all-flaming, all-swearing Pit is down for a month, and the best idea you can come up with for a Pit thread is “a slight headache”? Just go to bed, man!

I think he just wanted to use the word fuck . Its been a while I guess.:smiley:

Drink a fuckton of water, skip the aspirin, and go to bed.

Just go to bed, but then if you are in bed you won’t be reading this. Right?

Take a Vicodin and consider yourself lucky if you make it to the bed.

Hey Ike. Ike! IKE! ***UKULELEEEE!!! ***Wake the fuck up!!

How are you feeling? I heard you had a headache.

Oh, you sly devil, you.

First you tell us you are mad at Percy Shelley.

Now you have a headache.

Somewhere there is a pattern here. This is really a treasure hunt, insn’t it. Or a contest? That’s it!

He’s trying to get up the nerve to tell us all that in reality, he is FrankenstIke, the mythic Doper from out of the misty reaches of the recesses of our dank dark evil loamy fetid past.

But, give the man some room. He’s had a tough month, and some fuckwit tightened the bolts on his neck with a Snap-On Tool[sym]Ô[/sym] and he’s just not been right since.

There, there, dear. :smiley:


p.s. did I do that wrong, or have we lost our Symbols abilities for the time being??? I’ll let it stand in there, in case it just needs a tweaking from the Powers Dat Bee.

So, Uke, did you survive the night?

Valuable prizes await all our lucky winners!
Clue Number Three:

Riae htnisg gesihsy aldrib eg dirropeht.

The porridge bird lays his eggs in the air.

But…what does it mean?