I have an ancient Star Trek mail-order pamphlet for scripts and merch. Is it worth anything?

I have an old mimeographed, multi-page foldout mail order pamphlet which I’ve had since probably the early 70s. I have no memory of how I got it, but I probably requested it through the mail. It’s kind of yellowed and is not in the best of shape.

It looks like it was typed up in someone’s dining room (Gene and Majel’s?). It contains as its lead “story”, “Yes, Star Trek has been canceled. Write to ABC and NBC and ask for them to keep it on”. Then it tells you when the last episode will be broadcast.

It lists each of TOS’s scripts for sale by title, plus lots of trinkets and “Federation membership cards”, signed photographs, etc.

Googling shows me nothing like it for sale online that I can see. Do you think it’s worth anything?

My guess is that it was typed up by Bjo Trimble, who was in charge of the infamous 1968 letter-writing campaign. It might be worth something to collectors of Trekabilia.

Just out of curiosity, how many episodes are listed? If it’s 55, it’s from the second season. If it’s 79, the third (and probably wouldn’t be worth as much).

Sure, somebody will want it. But I doubt it will make you rich.

OTOH, how much did they want for scripts? Were they “cast used” scripts, or reproductions? You’ve got me curious.

Something like this? History of Star Trek Fan Campaigns - Fanlore

"YES, STAR TREK HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Star Trek will return to the air Tuesday, June 3, 1969 at 7:30 on NBC with Gene Roddenberry’s never-before-seen “Turnabout Intruder”. They will then re-run eleven third season episodes before going off the air the first week of September 1969. In a few areas Star Trek has been picked up for re-runs by local stations starting in September, 1969.

This would not preclude the possibility of re-entering prime time network programming as a mid-season replacement in January, 1970 or even a fresh start in September 1970. Our best chance lies with ABC which usually has more openings than the other networks.

The realization of this rebirth is largely up to YOU.

The networks have been besieged by your letters; however, as soon as they see a drop in the mail count they will figure the storm is over, breathe a sigh of relief and promptly forget us.

DON’T LET THEM. This is our last chance. WRITE!!! WRITE ABC!! WRITE NBC!! "

Copies of the series’ scripts were in circulation back in the '70s (and maybe earlier), but IIRC the legal issues involved were considerable. Technically, they belonged to Desilu/Paramount and NBC, who bankrolled the show.* The scripts also went through so many rewrites you might not have gotten the one that actually aired.

I wonder why both ABC and NBC are mentioned. I had a newsletter from Lincoln Enterprises (Gene and Majel’s operation) in the '70s that included Kung Fu, which was on ABC at the time. Is this the kind of thing you have?

*This was also true of the many film clips that were circulated on the fan market.

The quoted text I provided above indicates that there was hope that ABC would pick up the series if NBC didn’t.

Aha, questions answered! :cool:

This is definitely NOT from the successful 1968 letter-writing campaign, so it’s probably of interest mainly as an artifact.

79 episodes.

Zonexandscout, They wanted $5.50 per script. Here’s the subheading describing them:

“Genuine STAR TREK scripts, mimeographed and in covers; Final Shooting Drafts.”

AndyL, that page about halfway down in your link, with an image of the Enterprise on top, is just like one of the pages in this pamphlet. But there are many other pages in my pamphlet. There’s a listing of air dates of upcoming reruns in the summer of '69, a Vulcan pendant “worn by Spock!”, and little Enterprise models (probably about the size of charms for a charm bracelet).

This sounds like a Lincoln Enterprises pamplet / catalog. Here’s a link to the entry on Lincoln Enterprises on Memory Alpha, which includes images of their first mailing (which may have been earlier than the one you have): https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Lincoln_Enterprises

An IDIC pendant, then. As kenobi says, this is probably a Lincoln Enterprises catalog, reprinting the call to arms from “Inside Star Trek” - which was associated with Lincoln Inside Star Trek (Star Trek newsletter in English) - Fanlore "When you wrote to Paramount, Roddenberry, NBC or any of the stars, you received an invitation to subscribe to IST along with various Star Trek for-profit ventures such as Lincoln Enterprises, a company begun by Bjo Trimble and John Trimble and shortly taken over by Majel Barrett. "

My catalog looks very similar to (but not exactly like) the one which is about a quarter of the way down the page you link to. I think mine was a later edition/reprint. Damned if I can remember how I got ahold of this. I’m pretty sure I got it through writing or maybe at that one very early Star Trek convention I attended.

I’m kind of jealous. I’ve got some old fanzines, but nothing quite that vintage.

Now that I have some more accurate search terms, thanks to this thread, I’m able to find something similar on ebay so I can get an idea of what they’re going for.

An older version in much better shape is asking for $30. Huh.