I have an I. P. Freely example, IRL!!!!

Well, not I. P. Freely exactly, but close enough.

Was sorting out some boxes of old letters, memorabilia and kids school stuff tonight when I came across some school work of my son when he was in primary school (he’s 29 now).

And one of his classmates was named: Ivana Legin. I think I remember guffawing at her name way back when, but in the intervening years of course, had forgotten.

But I cacked myself again tonight. :smiley:

(Ivana, if you happen to google your name and see this post, I sincerely apologise. Just remember Chelt Nth PS as the great school it was until Jeff Kennett)

(And for those of you without phonetic skills, Ivana Legin translated means, I want a leg in, or I want to fuck…)

Is (or was) “a leg in” a phrase that anyone really used in your neck of the woods? I’ve never heard it before, myself (grew up in 70s-80s northeast US).

I’ve never heard “a leg in” as a saying either.

I went to high school with a Pat Hiscock.

One of the staff at uni was named “Dick Pullin”.

I access a system where your user name is a combination of your first and last name and possibly a letter.

Best/worst one I’ve run across yet: NIGGA1

My brother hung around with Mike Hunt. No joke.

I used to work with a Richard Head. Much to his chagrin, most of his co-workers called him Dick. Even worse, they Charlie Browned him and would also use his last name. He was a major blowhard a-hole, so it fit.

Yeah, I don’t get it. What’s funny about the name?

One time I was looking at a book of folk songs, and I found one that was really sexual and filthy. I then read the name of the guy who sang it - his name was… Harry Cox! I couldn’t stop laughing.

(The song is called ‘‘The Knife in the Window.’’ I didn’t want to link it here because it’s kinda NSFW but you can look it up if you like.)

The President and CEO of the charity Food for the Poor is called Robin Mahfood. No, really

I found exactly zero hits for “Leg In” as slang for sex.

My parents knew a man named Harry Peters. He was quite the Quagmire type and used his name as a pick up line back in the 70s.

There was a show on the Discovery Channel called “Man, Woman Vs Wild”. It was like Bear Grylls’s program “Man Vs Wild,” but with a married couple. The male host’s name?

Myke Hawke.

My Cock.

That’s waaayyyy funnier than Bernie Madoff. (Pronounced made off.)

There was a local slightly famous guy around here a while ago named Dick Hehr. His son was named Kent Hehr.

And then there’s the local real estate agent, Anita Dyck.

We watched an episode of Judge Judy last week that featured a plaintiff named Kokka Coleman (pronounced “Coca”).

I knew someone named Rita Story.

I regularly correspond with a Candy Gram. Truth. Spelling and all.

I need to do this with out making it Googleable…

A guy at work, who recently left, had the last name G.o.o.d.i.c.k.

First name L.a.n.c.e.

Best porn name ever.

I’ve heard of getting “a leg up” on something, but never “a leg in”.

A former cow-orker said that in his hometown, there was a guy named Harry Deal (or Diehl?), and he was big.