OMG!! "Fanny Pack" is a nasty nasty thing...


When my gf from the UK was visiting two weeks ago we were discussing pocketbooks and stuff (we’re girls okay so be quiet lol)…I said what about a fanny pack. She burst into laughter.

Apparently “fanny” means “vagina” there. Who knew? :eek:

My dh thought this was hysterical and deicded that he should go around the house saying “fanny” all the time anyone was around in earshot.

Consequently, over “there” they call it a “bum bag” :rolleyes:

Gee, I always thought a “bum bag” was tied to a stick as the bum jouneyed on his way…you know, like Snoopy does when he leaves home…

That’s a “bindle,” actually.

Oh, well pardon me. LOL

You have your own Designated Hitter? How odd! It was called a “Butt Pack” in the Marines. Insert joke here.

Fanny is the ‘tame’ word. It’s the first word we English boys learn for it (before we even know what it does)

‘Willy’ Is the word for our male bits.

So what is the untame word for the female bits?

“Bum bag” to me sounds like something you’d use after a colostomy. :eek:

Amazing how divided we are by our common language!

I hear it’s considered worse outside the UK than in Eilsel


Ugh, when I read the title, I had just come from the IMO forum reading the porn movie title thing. Imagine what I thought it was. :eek:

OK have you noticed that the “tame” words for genitals in the UK are actual given names here in the US?

I had a Sunday School teacher named Fanny and everyone has known a Willy or two …

I always thought fanny meant butt. I guess that explains why “butt”-packs went in the front…

They’re also given names outside of the US. For instance, there’s an Aunt Fanny in Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” series. And Prince William would certainly have be called Willy at some stage of his life.

Incidentally, “fanny” also means female genitals here in Australia. This made the inimitable theme from “The Nanny” even greater:

“She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens
'Til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes.
What was she to do?
Where was she to go?
She was out on her faaaaaanny!”

I can’t believe I remembered that. :smack:

And don’t forget my pal Randy.

I always thought that Eilsel played in the National League.

I just returned from England where I discovered the following additional oddities:

lemonade = sprite that has been visited by a slice of lemon
gamin steak = ham
water = you have to actually ask for iced tap water or else they’ll bring you a very expensive bottle of “still”
fish & chips = order them only on a Tuesday or Thursday & early in the day if you want the freshest stuff (they don’t go fishing on weekends)
English Breakfast = disgusting mess hotels serve to tourists

I also found British people absolutely delightful, very funny and engaging. Their sarcasm is the best.

Not when i cook them. :wink:

I remember going to America when i was 9. Boy, did the fanny thing confuse me.

Don’t forget this chap, whose name in the UK reduces puerile people to playground tittering.


I found out about the fanny/bum thing a while ago. I found it hilarious!

Or a 'merkin friend of mine

Randal Pratt

Shortend to Randy Pratt