I have an idea for a reality show that'll keep people tuned in

And I think you all can help me out.

In this reality show I have the idea for I am the host showing off my interviewed guests who are stars that will be for the first time totally naked to viewers in my audience and to my viewers who are at home. Some of the money raised by my show will go to a good cause.

So, fellow helpers, who are some stars, male or female, that have not done a scene which called for them to be seen totally nude to the viewers, that you think people would really want to see butt naked from front to back, head to toe?
I’ll name a couple…
I really think men would want to see Melina Kanakaredes as a butt naked guest on my show to show off. She formerly stared in CSI:NY as Stella Bona-Sara.

And I really think women would want to see Chris Hemsworth as a butt naked guest on my show to show off. He stared in the movie Thor as Thor.

My god, this is genius. Do you think it’s possible to get Kim Kardashian?

Hilary Clinton!!

I can’t think of any reason stars wouldn’t want to make their first totally naked appearance on your show. You’ll probably need your own 24 hour channel to get in all the stars lining up for this deal.

Chapter 1: Kathleen Turner.
Chapter 2: Cybill Shepherd.
Chapter 3: Suzanne Pleshette.
Chapter 4: The girl in the Taco commercial.
Chapter 5: The woman in 4B.
Chapter 6: The Oriental Laker Girl…