I have another book coming out!

I’ve got another book coming out in July. Preorders are available now (and it will be in Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a subscriber you can read it for free).

For those familiar with my Alastair Stone Chronicles urban fantasy series, it’s set in the same universe but on a world in another dimension. This world was mentioned in book 14 of the series, but no familiarity with past works is required to enjoy this new three-book series. The best descriptor for the genre would be “secondary world urban fantasy,” with a few faint hints of steam/dieselpunk, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian.

Title is HARD WAY, book 1 of the Calanar Series. Books 2 and 3 are already written, and will be out in the next few months.

In brutal Calanar, you’re nothing without magic.

Kira Talon has a secret.

Raised since childhood among the nonmagical “Dim” when her expected magical birthright didn’t materialize, she barely remembers her early time in the opulent floating city high above the war-torn sprawl below.

Years later, she’s made a life for herself among the nonmagical, discovering an affinity with machines, making good friends, and venturing carefully into the dangerous, clandestine resistance against the magical overlords.

Until one desperate night, her latent magic awakens—and she doesn’t want anything to do with it. Her time among the “Dim” has taught her what the cruel “Talented” are truly capable of, so she’s happy to remain as she is, keeping her untrained, unpredictable magic to herself.

But when tragedy strikes and one of the Talented murders her best friend, Kira no longer has a choice.

She can’t hide anymore.

She needs to take a stand and decide what’s worth fighting for.

Fortunately for her, some powerful allies stand ready to introduce her to a life she never thought possible.

But first, she has to survive.

Enter Calanar, the alternate dimension first explored in the Alastair Stone Chronicles novel STEEL AND STONE—but be careful. The Talented’s spies are everywhere, and anyone who dares oppose them faces unspeakable consequences.

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