I have class. My mom's boyfriend said so!

My mom’s boyfriend lives with us. One day, he happened to be having a conference call (he works from home). I was daydreaming or something. I walked past the den where he was working, with the door ajar. He sees me standing there and calls out my name

“Incubus? Could you shut the door? I’m having a…”

right in mid-sentence, I open my mouth and let out the most deafening belch imaginable. I had just drank a can of rootbeer, but this has gotta be a decibel-shattering record. I didn’t burp on purpose, it was just one of those burps that takes you by surprise, like when you pick up the telephone and accidentally burp into the receiver, perplexing the person on the other line :stuck_out_tongue:

The burp lasted a good 20 seconds, and had my mom’s boyfriend looking with a mixture of disgust and anger :mad: after a stunned silence (with the person he was talking to saying “hello? hello? what the hell was that noise? are you okay?!” ) he looks me in the eye and says sarcastically,

“You got class.”

So you heard it first. I got class! :smiley:


I predict overwhelming numbers of offers for dates based solely on the merits of the OP alone. :wink:

Definitely husband material. The babes will be fighting over you for sure.

Incubus, if you can repeat that performance at your audition, you’re a shoe-in. Really.


So… get your books, get on the bus and go to class. You’re late!

Can you make rude noises with your armpit?

Even better, Shirley, can he make rude noises with your armpit? Now that’s classy.