I Have Dial Tone Now Can I Find Out Its Phone Number?

When I lived in California I could dial 958-1114 and hear the phone number connected with it.

Now I live in Arizona and that number does not work. Are there any dopers around that know the phone number that will tell me what I am looking for?


Unless you work for the phone company, your chances of finding what the “ANI” (automatic number identifier) number is month-by month are slim to nil. Around here, it changes frequently - apparently the phone company doesn’t want people to know what a given phone’s number is.

Fortunately, all you need to do is dial up your cell phone from that line, and the number should be displayed.

One that will work everywhere in the USA:


Just hang up after it reads back your phone number.



Of course, if you don’t have caller ID block on your phone (and I think there’s a * code that allows you to toggle on/off your caller ID info), you can call a cell phone, a friend with caller ID, etc, and get the number that way…


811 works around here.