I have finished the paper from heck!!

My 15-20 page paper on Boethius, Freud, Kant, and Toni Morrison’s Beloved is done.

Done-done. Completely, 100-percent, I’ve got the damn thing stapled done. I have seven outside sources, four intrinsic sources, an abstract, a bibliography, and a title page. I start the paper off with a really good quote. The last draft of this paper got an A-, and I corrected what needed to correct, strengthened my argument where it was weak, and figured out how to get page numbers to appear JUST on the actual paper-pages.

It’s been 7 weeks. Hours in the library. A broken fan on my computer. Toiling and tiredness, and yelling at the TA to get enough paper for the computer labs. And I’m done.


Sheesh. I’m only a freshman; how much more am I gonna get?

I don’t think you really want to know how much more you’re going to get in the future years of your studies. :eek:

But congratulations! That’s an excellent feeling when you finally get things all done, isn’t it? :slight_smile: Now relax, take time out for yourself, and have fun! :slight_smile:

Last major report I did;

forgot the d*mn title page. . . .


Cost me a good deal of points right there.

Congrats though, Lord knows that doing compleatly cited works is a pain. :slight_smile:

My 20 page paper on international outer space sovereignty as it relates to water sovereignty is due Thursday morning. I have the title page done–feel free to finish for me. The problem with this paper is that most countries don’t care to delimit outer space–they just put their satellites really far up.:rolleyes:

Oh, congrats on your paper. My college work has pretty much stayed the same since my freshman year–1 20, 4 10, countless 5 and unders.

Yes, but did you start with a joke? :smiley:

I always missed points for being “too colloquial.” Honest remark: “Your paper was very informative and fun to read, but the tone was too loose.” Heaven forbid people should actually enjoy reading something non-fiction.

Now that you’re finished, get some sleep. Betcha miss it.

I think the longest paper I’ve ever had to write was in high school (remind me, some day, to tell you all about the evolution of the portrayal of war as it relates to psychological trends … not that my paper was on that topic, mind you:)). Most of my college papers have been between two and seven pages, which to me is basically a joke. “Here is a poem: analyze it.” “What do you think of this piece of fiction?” “Tell me a story.”

Literally. “Tell me a story.” Hehehe:D

Well, this one time, at band camp. . .

::ducks and runs, 'cause she had to make the tired old joke::

There was the time that I was about 15 pages into a 30 page paper on the Lakota at the time of contact with europeans and the computer fupped. The OS screwed up completely and 3 weeks worth of work (typing, formating and editing for flow), not counting research time, vanished into the ether.

Depending on your field of study and if you go into grad school, you could be looking at 2-4 papers like that each semester. And they wonder why so many students drink.