*Groan* Motivate me, please!

So, I’m trying to write the last paper of the semester (and of this Master’s degree - I won’t say final grad school paper, because I could end up doing a second Master’s eventually, maybe).

But I don’t care about it at all. It’s only 10 pages or so, I’ve managed to write 5 since around 2 this afternoon, and that’s great, really. But I keep getting distracted for half an hour at a time. I can’t seem to convince my brain that once I finish this, I’m done and then I can clean my apartment, play with the kitties and so on. I just keep putting off writing any more of it - I think I’d feel better if I at least thought I was writing decent stuff. Instead, I feel like it’s awful.

So motivate me. Tell me that if I don’t get the 3 credits for this class, I won’t graduate, and then won’t I be pissed off, and that I have to finish this paper to get these three credits.

Then in a couple of days you can motivate me to clean my apartment. :slight_smile:

It’s been estimated that our pre-agricultural ancestors only spent 3-4 hours a day on things we’d call “work”. The rest of the time they had fun. We just didn’t evolve to be slaves to society.
…Oh…motivate you!

Hmm…I have a paper due tomorrow, and need to get some artwork framed and matted by friday…I could use some motivation too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey lsura,

If you have to finish this paper to pass the class, and you have to pass the class to graduate, doesn’t that make this the single most important paper you have written in your academic career?

Without it, no degree. With five more simple pages, you can validate all of the effort invested up until now.

Just don’t dwell on that logic too long

The paper doesn’t have to be great, it just has to be. Really.

You won’t graduate if you don’t finish up and if you don’t graduate now you’ll have to pay for summer semester. No job, no money until you get that piece of paper. That would sure reek of festering rottenness.

Come on, Lsura, finish it up and you can play with the kitties, hire maids to clean the apartment, have a celebratory banana split, and the world will be yours!

Waiting impatiently for the good news,


See, what you should do is cut and paste your post into the paper. That’s at least half a page. I bet they wouldn’t even notice. :smiley:

Just send me your address. I’ll be over shortly with the bullwhip.

Ah yes! Shades of final stuff due to complete degree. Ok, Lsura finish the damn paper already! Haven’t you loafed around as a student long enough? It’s time you get out of that school and start earning money. Heck, I’m depending on folks like you to carry me when I retire in 16 and a half years! Now get out there, finish that paper, start working and preparing to support me. NOW!

There. How’s that? :smiley:

Oh, you make me laugh. I’m going to be a librarian. We can’t afford maids. Unless we marry fantastically rich patrons (ha!)

I’m a Laura too. :slight_smile:
6 pages. I’ve finished the “search strategies” part. Now I just have to analyze the information I got from the searches.

That’s right, it’s not even a research paper. It’s written in the first person. It’s all about what I did, no citations necessary (although I have 2 in the background section).

It’s going to be done. Really.

And technically I have one other one to turn in, but it’s written - I just have to type up the reference list and submit it. I wrote it Saturday. It’s not very good either.

You forgetting about the Big Orange Screw?

Not to horn in on Lsura, but I’m also in need of some motivation. I’ve got a history paper (mostly written) due tomorrow, and a fortysomething-page paper due next Monday, in addition to a 10-page term paper for the same class.

Suffice it to say, I’m not taking THIS guy for anything ever again.


I will escape the clutches of the Big Orange Screw

I have checked and rechecked to make sure that my forms are completed, I know that I have enough credits to graduate…I’ve even paid all the fees. I do need to remember to return my library books.
Anyway, I’m off to write a conclusion and call the stupid thing good enough.

Ok, done. Thank goodness. It’s acceptable, and that’s about what I was shooting for, I think.

MsRobyn, best of luck to you on your projects.

[Mom Hat]

lsura, what on earth are you doing on that message board again? Don’t you have a paper to write? DON’T tell me it’s research! Do you think I just fell off a turnip truck?!?

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times that you can’t play until you finish your homework. I know you don’t want to be grounded again. Not to mention the fact that you have chores and they’re not going to get done all by themselves.

You know, when you hit the big leagues, you’re going to have all kinds of responsibility, so I suggest you start showing some now. Do I have to send you to your room to think about that?

Now GET BACK TO WORK before I come in and… I SAID NOW!!!

[/Mom Hat]

A day late and a dollar short. AGAIN.

lsura, do me a favor and just save that for later motivational needs… :rolleyes:

Congratulations,Lsura, on fulfilling the requirements for your degree. Enjoy that hood!

I kind of figured that the maids might be a tad unrealistic, but I’m glad the thought was good for a giggle. Though as you begin professional librarianship, remember that it’s just as easy to fall in love with a wealthy patron as it is to fall in love with a financially challenged one.
MsRobyn, my best motivational tool for dealing with a workload like yours and a professor of that ilk is a giant golden shovel to be used for shoveling steaming, gilded piles of poo at him. I’d offer you mine, but I misplaced it long ago after many successful years of service. :smiley:

All you guys need is this motivational figure.

I need one of those. It’s too late for this semester, but my birthday is in June, and it’ll be good for next semester.


Nah…can’t be bothered…

What do you need to be motivated for? If you’re asking us to be motivated, aren’t you motivated enough to do that? So you don’t need to be motivated. Log off the SDMB, tell us, “Fuck you, I’m going to finish my paper!”

Well good, Lsura, ya got finished. Now get out there and start supporting me! :stuck_out_tongue:

MsRobyn do you think that Lsura can support me in retirement all by herself? Well, she can’t. So get off the computer, get in that room and start writing! I swear! Younguns these days!