I have Guinness in my office

A four pack of the pint cans complete with magical floating widgets. A co-worker brought it to me because I helped her move some stuff to her new apartment after work yesterday. Man, do I want to crack one of those babies open. I bet I could get away with it. Just pour one into my nice big coffee cup. I bet I could find a new job if I try to get away with it and fail. I’ve gotta stop thinking like this…

Is this mundane and pointless enough for this board?

There is not much mundane or pointless about a nice glass of Guinness. What is pointless is the fact I don’t have any.

Hey, cool. psycat just brought me the same four pack for valentine’s day two minutes before I looked at this thread! I, OTOH, am going to start drinking them immediately!


Although I am in full sympathy with the agony of having Guinness so close, yet so far away, I must object to any attempt to pour it into a coffee cup. Who can deny that one of the overriding pleasures or drinking a Guinness is watching the beautiful light brown cascading bubbles coalesce into the creamy foam head in a clear inverted bell-shaped Guinness glass?


Looks like I’m stopping at the liquor store on the way home…only one hour to go :wink:

mmmm Guinness. The usual liquor store was out of the pub cans…I’d be willing to perform a whole host of sexual favors in exchange for a 4 pack of the black. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Grolsch on my desk, and it’s being consumed as we type. So there! :wink:

He has Grolsch!

You bastard!

If you like Guinness then you need to find a local pub that’s particpating in the worldwide Guinness toast on Feb 23rd at 2300 CST.

I don’t understand. What’s the big deal? I have a bottle of scotch in mine and I would imagine half my reporters have something in theirs. As long as they don’t abuse it, I see no problem.

You’re really not helping me here. You know that, don’t you?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… Guinness…