I have had it with these motherfucking maggots on this motherfucking plane!

Life weakly imitates art.

Personally… I think I’d rather have the snakes. shudder

See, that’s what I hate about people bringing carrion luggage.

Another notch in the old keyboard.
Good one.


It’s the early departures that caused the problem.

Brings new meaning to FLY in an airplane.

Why shouldn’t the maggots fly? You expect them to take the train?


slow golf clap

I, too, bow to lieu’s strong pun-fu.

I love that can’t bring 4 oz of shampoo on a plane, but you can bring a bag of rotting and writhing and leaking meat past security. <nasty snerk> Maybe the TSA thought the maggots were colleagues? Like the old joke about the reason sharks never eat lawyers–“professional courtesy”? <snerk>