I have just embraced my inner geek.

Okay, I have surrendered. I have spent countles hours watching the LOTR EE DVD, I’ve seen TTT two weekends in a row and plan to go again next weekend, And Sunday morning I picked up “The Hobbit” for the first time in almost 30 years, and finished it Monday at lunch. I want the leaf jewelry that holds the elven cloaks. I can’t wait to get home to start “the Fellowship” again. My screensaver at work is LOTR (mostly Legolas-I do love me some elf!)
Has anyone else found themself thrown back into this frenzy of obsession with all things Middle Earth? Especially after such a long time away? In the crew interviews on the DVD, Peter Jackson says that Christopher Lee reads the books every year, and he immediately became my hero! I can’t believe I let being a grownup take this joy away from me!

Some of us never left Middle Earth.
(just because I don’t post in the 37 million LOTR threads doesn’t mean I don’t love JRR’s stories)

;j looks like an elf

You mean…I don’t live in Middle Earth?
<Checks height (short), waistline (extensive), feet (hairy), and picture of dream home (a grassy mound with doors and windows)>
Oh, dear, I’m in the wrong place…I’ll post from Hobbiton when I arrive.
<Runs off without his handkerchief>

I went through that a few of months back, my whole life seemed to revolve around LOTR. Took getting pregnant to shake me out of middle earth and back to reality.

leechbabe - Belated congrats, but there must have been easier ways to kick your LOTR habit. :slight_smile:

For the record, I will help anyone who asks kick their LOTR habit. :slight_smile:

Sadly, I’m a failed Tolkien geek. I’ve had LOTR:EE for a few months now, watched it only 7 or 8 times (not counting the 3 times in the theater) and still haven’t gotten around to looking at the bonus disks. I only saw TTT once, too. hangs head in shame

Legolas…mmm, Legolas…slaps self

Um, you were saying?

Oh, yeah…
Mr. Singular had hair the same length, color and (I think) texture as that tasty elf, till he cut most of it off to give to the cancer kids. He left enough for a decent ponytail, though, and it’ll be bad to elf-length by the time Return of the King comes out.
What a noble bummer.

slortar, force yourself to watch the bonus disks! I bet it’ll make you want to see TTT again! But beware-there are hours and hours of wonderful things there!

…now I’m almost afraid to. :slight_smile:

Thanks garius, I certainly wouldn’t recommend pregnancy as an ideal way to kick the LOTR habit. Besides its not failure proof, I still fall back into bad habits sometimes.

Is it wrong that I want my childs first word to be Gandalf?