I have never wanted so much to laugh and bang my head against a wall at the same time

I was surfing Wikipedia and ended up at the article for t.A.T.u which said:


Just thought I’d share.

Apparently, he knew his niche.

Well, he took his market research seriously, anyway.

The scuzziest bit is this quote:

Yeah, most porn surfers are looking for underage sex. Project much, mr Slime?

I don’t know that you could necessarily say it was projecting. Of my entire sample size of Russian people I know, the one girl I know once told me about being a schoolgirl in Russia and having (adult) guys wacking off at the schoolbus as the girls got on. Russians seem to currently have some stress management issues, methinks.

Of course whether that leads to most Russian guys browsing (the Russian section of ) the net for kiddy-porn or not I’ve no idea, but one can imagine that it could easily be much higher than the US.

Eh, Malcolm McLaren did it already.

The Sex Pistols were fake underage lesbians?!

No. :stuck_out_tongue: Bow Wow Wow. Lead singer Annabella Lwin (did I spell that correctly?) was presented as an underage sex object through suggestive lyrics and imagery. She was the center of a planned underage-sex-themed product line to include music, film, and magazines.

Yeah. Bad fakes too. Didn’t look anything like the real thing.

Didn’t these 15-year old tarts have parents to kind of, oh, I don’t know… oversee the sexual objectification of these girls?

English isn’t the guy’s first language; I wonder if he really meant “underage,” and not something like “barely legal.”

I noticed there’s no source for that quote - might want to take that one with a grain of salt.

True, but I’ve seen similar quotes attributed to this guy in The Prague Post and some other papers years back (about 2001/02) when t.A.T.u were first hitting the charts in Eastern Europe. From every article I’ve read and from my friends in Russia, Ivan is–well–a straight shooter, I guess, and has always been completely up front about what he intended t.A.T.u to be: basically, a fantasy teenage lesbian pop group. He’s been absolutely fortright and honest from the get-go about the fact he was expoliting the image. As far as I’ve always understood it, neither of the girls in t.A.T.u are, in fact, lesbian. IIRC, he even had an affair with at least one of the girls (the more loquacious, red-headed one.)

Sorry, no sites, just general knowledge I’ve picked up. There’s little doubt in my mind that this guy means exactly what the quote implies.

When t.A.T.u were at the peak of their fame, I wrote a joke into my stand-up act.
I was fond enough of the joke that I really hoped they’d be famous forever, so I could keep telling it, unfortunately they let me down. After about six months, audiences were no longer sure who I was talking about.

The joke relies on the fun of homophones, so it doesn’t really work in print.

Jeez oh Pete. I now need to scrub out my eyeballs. Why did I click on that link?

Yeah, kinda like Pete Townsend.