I Have No Coffee And I Must Scream

Dammit. I ran out of coffee TWO days ago. I re-used my last two filter bags and got a weak immitation of the ghod-fluid which did NOTHING for my disposition <grumble> after which, and BEFORE I could run the weak brew through again, my daughter threw them out. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I’m sitting here pretending that this ice tea is actually ice coffee and not doing a good job at it. Even worse, Mrs X won’t be home for at LEAST four and a half more hours so no coffee for X…

Sheesh…I feel like I’m back in the Army when we ran out of coffee on a field problem once…talk about nuts…

Back to your regularly scheduled schedule of waiting for the SDMB pages to load…

Nice Harlan Ellison reference.

Thenk yew…

I really DO feel that way…dammit…

Not to laugh at you, but I found it quite amusing that someone named xploder is threatening to scream.

You should always keep some speed and coke bout the house in case you run out of coffee, you know that! :smiley:

— G. Raven

I too like the reference in the title. Good job there.

But man, you need to check out hot chocolate or something!

…as she sits here, reading this thread, why her dear friend xploder didn’t just ask her for some coffee, seeing as how she has already spoken to him on the phone twice, and IM’d as well.

She sits back and sips her own fresh, hot cup of black coffee, and suddenly remembers, oh wait, he has no access to a vehicle yet.

She takes another sip. And realizing that xploder is one of the dearest friends she has ever had ever in her whole life, she knows that she can say…

“Neener neener neener! I’ve got coffee and you don’t! BWAAAAAHAHAHA!”
[sub]of course, he’s coming over tonight to give my computer a few more tweaks, so I know he’ll totally kick my butt for that…**

Yesterday morning, the Trader Vics can was empty. It took a good 5 minutes, in my uncaffeinated state, to open the freezer and crack out the reserves.

I may run out of food, cigarettes, yea even scotch, but never coffee. Some days it’s the only reason I come into work. (We have a “Drug-Free/Free Drug” policy here.)

Poet: a device for converting coffee into words.

Hot chocolate does NOT do anything for me.

Oh, and Persephone??? What was I supposed to do? Run six miles over to your place to grab a cuppa???

sheesh…thanks ghod for mass quantities <two gallons, so far> of ice tea.

Unfortunately, the only kind of coffee I feel like making any more is the kind that comes pre-measured in pouches. I’m lazy, sue me.

Then again, if I happen to have all the fixin’s, I love Irish Coffee!!! Nothing better than a wide awake drunk.

It’s okay to laugh at xploder, screech-owl. Just don’t forget to double over and point at him, too. Oh, I almost forgot–call him names. “Wanker,” “dork,” and “weenie” are his favorites.

[sub]…oh man, my computer is gonna be toast after tonight…[/sub]

[sinister voice]Now when NOBODY evers sees another message from Persephone, You’ll all know why…[/sinister voice]

I’d add a witty response, but I currently have too much blood in my caffeine system.

“Repent Harlequin!” said the caffeine man.

“mrrrmeeee mrrrmeeee mrrrmeeee…”