Coffee sure is good at 4:30 AM. I don’t think it really helps me wake up though. I like coffee a lot. The best investment I ever made was the coffee pot with the timer. If I had to get out of bed in the morning and wait for the coffee to brew, I’d never make it to work on time.

Boy I love my coffee pot. Though I don’t like getting up this early.

I love Starbucks. Mmmmm…coffee…

Mmm … coffee … starbucks = buh!!!

real coffee comes from better places!! … drinking some tasty mexican malinal right now … mmmmm …

caffeine is my one true god, I want no other!!

Hey, I know Starbucks isn’t the best, but it sure is convenient for me.

:: wiping away caffeine-laden tears ::

I’ve finally found a home…


I will buy that … Starbucks = the McDonalds of the coffee world …

coffee is the same every time … not the best … but consistent and safe.

mmmmmm … tasty coffee is soooo good though! … come by sometime and I will make you coffee that will show you the errors of your ways and you will fall to your knees before the coffee gods and beg forgiveness.

Starbucks is better than a kick to the head, but I’ll take my good old-fashioned push-pot strong so-thick-it’s-chewy black coffee.

Turkish Proverb:

Coffee should be black as Hell
Strong as Death and Sweet as Love

but I’ll skip the sugar…

I love it. I also have to drop the sugar.

7-11 is better and cheaper.

McDonald’s coffee tastes like shit. It tastes like it’s been on the burners for hours. Yuck! We set our timer for 5:50 a.m. so that we have fresh coffee when we get out of bed at 6:00. A splash of milk and I’m set!

I think you missed my point

I don’t like coffee. I hated it as a kid, grew to vaguely like it (even to drink black filter coffee after a meal & enjoy it)…but all that changed!
I shared a house with someone at Uni & they were working so got up early & left the house before I was up. They made really strong coffee in a percolator on the stove. So I would get up and smell strong stale coffee smell on an empty stomach…I felt sick every morning for so long I worried I might be pregnant. I can’t even smell coffee now without feeling sick (coffee beans & coffee sweets are ok, but real made coffee - urgh!).
Filter coffee has the most caffeine, so if you want a shot in the morning, get a filter machine with a timer.

There are classes for this. In my business it’s imperative that everyone drink coffee – and since so much time is spent on Naval bases one learns to appreciate GOOD coffee!

When the going gets tough,
The tough get duct tape!

Hi all. Figured my first post should be about coffee. What else am I going to talk about as a programmer and a gamer. It’s all we know.

Anyway, my x-wife made something for me known simply as “Blue Coffee”. I hope this doesn’t repulse you but here’s how you make “Blue Coffee”;

Run the water through the filter once and make regular coffee with some sort of five-star or heavy ground. That way you don’t get any grinds in the coffee. After that, refill the filter with some sort of vanilla flavored roast. Maxwell House French Vanilla worked for us. (read: We were poor.) Run the coffee that you just made back through the vanilla roast and, VOILA!, “Blue Coffee”. I loved it. One cup and that night of Counter-Strike (read: Online game) turned into 3 days of Counter-Strike. Yay!

Hope you enjoyed my first post. Anyone figure out the name? 1000 cool points if you did. Thanks for your time and your water chestnuts.

coffee + gaming = very happy dewt

This may be a hijack but it is coffee related.

I drank coffee and loved it for many years. Then I started getting nauseous when I drank it on an empty stomach. I decided to stop drinking it cold turkey.

What I experienced was the worst hell I have ever been through. It is what I imagine a heroin addict must go through. I am not exaggerating.

I quit one morning. The first day I was OK if a bit tired and slightly headachy. The next day I woke up to a fierce headache that got steadily worse throughout the day. By 9:00PM I could not move or open my eyes due to the intensity of the migraine. I went to bed and tried to sleep but could not because of the pain. Each time I moved my cranium felt like it was going to crack open in a blinding flash of white hot pain fueled light.

I then broke out into cold sweats and started trembling. I suddenly started to feel sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom in excruciating pain and through up.
My husband got up and made me a cup of coffee (At this point it was about 1:00AM). Approximate elapsed caffeine-free time: 39 hours.
After a few minutes (maybe 15) I started to feel better and went back to sleep.

I have since switched to drinking Enlish Breakfast Tea but I vow to never give up caffeine again.

I had the same reaction when I learned that Clinton was elected. :eek:

It’s been one of the few things that coffee hasn’t helped. :wink:

I have achieved Coffee Nirvana! My friend gave me a key to his coffeeshop!!! (and it AIN’T a Starbucks!)

to make nutty, smooth lattes again with creamy foam that melts in your mouth and doesn’t stick to the sides of your paper cup.

i cannot afford to be a barista and was forced to pursue a secretarial position to pay off after college debt. sniff it’s hard to find someone who can make coffee well.

there are only two or three coffee places i will buy coffee from here in seattle, and i’m glad most of the city doesn’t know where they are. :wink: have you ever had a latte where they can make a fern leaf pattern in the foam? those are the best, but i only have coffee about once a week. some baristas (me) overdose on coffee, but gawd would i love a good latte right now.

so do y’all have any favourite coffee drinks (black counts, it’s hard to make a good cup of plain old drip coffee)?

Ah, I have found my people! I am a coffee addict. I switched to a french press about a year ago and I’ll never go back to drip. I like really strong coffee and that’s a powerful cup there, lemme tell ya. I load it up with half-and-half and I’m good to go. My sister said something about the fat and calories, and my response is, hey, the caffeine revs up your metabolism, so it cancels out the cream! Besides, I don’t like black coffee, and just milk doesn’t quite do it for me, and I’m DEFINITELY not going to desecrate a good cuppa with powdered creamer. Shudder.

I have problems with depression and have tried a number of different medications, with mixed results. I recently got a book called The Anti-Depressant Survival Program that has suggestions for dealing with the side effects of medication through dietary and lifestyle changes. One of the first suggestions in the book is to give up caffeine. gulp I’m not sure I’m ready to even contemplate that! The author says you shouldn’t even drink decaf, since that still has a small amount of caffeine in it. Well, I definitely can’t give up coffee altogether, so I guess I’ll have to try something else.