I have on good authority that the half time show is about to start.

A good friend of mine is playing in the Super Bowl! Well, no, he’s not playing football, he’s playing drums with some brunette singer.

I joked to our common friends on Facebook that I would need someone to text me when the half time show would be starting. We all want to see our friend play, but none of us wants to have to watch any football.

Well, he texted me himself!
FROM the Super Bowl as he’s about to take the stage!
Probably the most momentous text message I’ve ever received!

That’s pretty awesome, bienville! I always get a kick out of getting the ‘inside’ part of the story…even if it’s something that everyone else gets to know pretty quickly, too.

He’s a good friend and we have a long history but I truly did not expect him to think amidst all that chaos and adrenaline to send me a text. There ended up just being a few seconds that you could see him while Lenny Kravitz was playing but it was cool just knowing he was there.

that is sooo cool. i’ll bet he had a great time. i’be always wondered about how the half time show is put on.