I have permission to have an affair

So he said it something like 'Could you beleive this Doctor’s nerve, he actually told me to tell you that it is allright for you to have an affair!"

I would think then a complaint letter to the doctor about what he said would be in order, as well as serious consideration of finding a different doctor. As it clearly ewasn’t the case of your husband bringing up the issues with the doctor, but instead the doctor suggesting something innapropriate before fully understanding the situation.

He has an implanted morphine pump.

Yes, that was his reaction.

It could be Ivylad’s doctor is polyamorous, or at least knows people who are.

It doesn’t really seem very professional to suggest it, however. It’s like your dentist giving you financial advice, or something.

We have a sneaking suspicion he might be. He talked about a vacation where he went to Amsterdam while his wife went to Spain. I thought that a little odd, to say the least.