I have Royalties!

Today, for the first time since my book came out, my statement is in the black. I have now surpassed the money I put intomthe damned book. And it only took a dozen years. From here on out, it’s gravy. A slow-flowing, tiny little stream of gravy.

And, to add to the goodness, a classical journal has just agreed to publish my follow-up article on the topic. For which I get no money, just the satisfaction orf adding more of my interpretation of a physical/mythological phenomenon in the world for people to throw bricks at.
Life is good.

OK, so what’s the book about?

A Lady with snakes for hair who can turn you into stone. Nasty habit.
A new* and original interpretation of the origin and meaning of the myth and its parallels around the world. What happens when you turn a phycisist loose on Greek Mythology.

  • Well, over twelve years old, now. I first presented iy ay an AAVSO meeting.

Something about hamsters and topiaries, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn, you would post the answer as I’m crackin’ a joke.

So cool. Congrats. I got my first royalty statement the other day. The book isn’t even out yet so it read $0.00. :smiley:

Yeah, well until now I’ve been getting royalty statements that were negative numbers. It’s a bitch to have a book out for over a decade, and feel as if you owe the publisher for it.*
Keep your spirits up. Your time will come.

*They gave me an advance, that I foolishly blew on illustrations and permissions, instead of a trip to Disney World or something.

Congrats! You’re now a <1%er, just not financially speaking.:smiley:

I’m going to see if my library has it. Do you get royalties on library readers? :wink:

say, you wouldn’t care to list a title, would you?

Yes, title, please! I’ll help contribute to further royalties!

Congratulations. My book came out last year, and I’m not in the black yet with regard to the royalty advance (which I put into the bank rather than spending). If my publishers would do some damn marketing better I might get into the black next year. But at this rate it will probably take me 10 years to break even (based on my usual pay rate) considering the amount of time I put into writing it.

I ubderstand that companies aren’t putting much into promoting books, especially academic presses. I’ve had to arrange my own bookstore readings. And I went to a lot of academic conferences (outside my field, I should point out) to bring the book to people’s attention.

Ah…just read the snippet Amazon allows for previews, and I liked what I read. I will be ordering the whole, forthwith.

Yay! Congratulations. We are all very proud of you.

I remember when I got my FIRST royalty check (in 2003, IIRC). (I was co-editor) for the only book I’ve ever contributed to. I spent it on a BRAND NEW MAC computer (a notch or two under top-of-the-line for the day) … and something else, now forgotten.

RECOMMENDATION: XEROX that royalty check & frame it! Your chances of getting a larger one are probably fairly nil.

The Mac was stolen in 2008. I was very sad; had to replace it with an el-cheapo $300 Acer netbook that didn’t even have a CD drive. The royalties had long since dried up :frowning:

Four years later (now – 2012) my book went into the Blues Foundation’s Hall of Fame. Great honor – no $$$ attached.

Life is strange!

Meessa give up. What’s the title?

  1. My book was publioshed in 200, and I’ve just gotten into the black now.

You spent it on a Brand New Mac? I think I can but some candy bars, or maybe a coupla pizzas. If it goes downhill from here I may just jump into a lake.

I had no idea it took that long. :eek:


Heh. Celebrating a little?

Very little. Ice cream cones, maybe.
But it’s a celebration!

Royalties are checks that come in out of the blue for seeming nothing at all.

There aren’t too many tangible perks from writing, but royalties are great.

Congrats, Cal.