Link your publications here--FREE publicity!

Eve has a new book out, a fact that is hard to avoid around here. :wink: CalMeacham is a published author, although for the life of me I can’t remember the names of him OR his book, so he’d better link it in this thread. Ed Zotti’s books are harder to avoid than Eve’s. Any other writers who wish to post a link to where we might read or purchase their work?

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Would this qualify as people advertising for their personal gain or are authors paid so poorly that “personal gain” is a bad joke?
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A quick <bump> to keep this visible since our writers all seem to be at the day jobs they work to keep body and soul together.

It’s official! This is my least successful thread.

I don’t know, dropzone. Remember that thread you started that was so boring, even you couldn’t respond to it? Me neither, . Damn, it must not exist.

Good idea, I for one would like a thread were all of the writers are together. So, I could slowly turn on the heat until they are all cooked. ummm. errr. I mean, so I could have a handy dandy thread were I could check everyone’s work out. I have yet to read a book by Eve, or something by CalMeacham. I will have to put that higher on my to read list. (I have glanced at a thing or two that Zotti character has written.)


I’ll be looking for **AmieeDS ** to show up here any day now… She’s a writer in the making!

The great thing about the net is that you can be a writer in the making and still get published. My oldest writes Harry Potter fanfic and gets reviewed and everything.

Hmmm, I suppose I could get the ball rolling by linking some of it.

And you must read some of Eve’s stuff. She’s a stitch and her books, as she has said, revolve around the lives of slutty showgirls. Eighty-year-old dish may be cold but it is still tasty.

I see my ex-virtual wife forgot I am also an aspiring novelist. Maybe she’s just bitter.

I have a link, but not for any of my stuff. A friend of mine and her husband started an online comic strip, so here’s a plug for them.
I haven’t checked it out too much myself, but here’s a description from her email:

So here it is Kung Fu Kitties.

PS - Don’t blame me, I didn’t write this stuff, I’m just helping out a friend.

That’s fine as far as I’m concerned. Considering what sorts this joint attracts I expect your friend to be joining us eventually, anyway.

Okay, I’ll bite. Now I know this isn’t what you’re looking for, but it’s the only type of writing I (as second author) do. But hey, it’s free and you don’t even have to leave the house for this sleeping-aid.

Now, click on the link below and let Aunt brachy tell you all about the exciting world of “Where Crows Decide To Go To Bed When They Have To Keep The Home Fires Burning.” Chock full of murder (a bunch of crows), intrigue (Where the hell did that crow go?), suspense (will brachy get up at 3 in the morning to catch crows?), and greed (Think we can get more funding?), all watered down to acceptable journal style. So, be sure to have your coffee mug full of the double-strength stuff!

Roosting behavior and group territoriality in American Crows, by a bunch of us, in 1997, Auk 114(4):628-637. I guess Cornell decided the graphs and tables would be too overwhelming.

Actually, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I am interested in WHATEVER you Dopers write. I am especially interested in crow behavior (really!) because there are some that hang out by my house. Wife feeds them sometimes, if she has something especially crow-licious (Yum! Slugs!), and they have learned to recognize the car. I’ve been at the grocery store a couple miles away and had one come up to me in that crouched-with-beak-open pose making “feed me” sounds.

Another time a squirrel was walking along the top of the fence when the crows knocked it off, killed it, and ate it. Never heard of cooperative predation of large animals by crows before.

For a while some of them liked to slide down a neighbor’s roof, but I guess that’s fairly common.

Your article has been downloaded in text format and will gently lull me to sleep tonight. :wink: Don’t complain–some of the world’s finest literature has lulled me to sleep. Not because I was bored, either, but because I don’t get enough sleep.

Never bitter… you know I love you baby!

So show us what you’ve got! Maybe a little excerpt to get us started… Please…

Dropzone, Are you going to share with us? Are you a writer too? How about a little spur of the moment creativity… I helped write a children’s book as an assignment for our Creative Writing class while I was in High School but that’s about it for me! Actually, I didn’t do any of the writing but I did help spell check it and sign my name to the cover! :slight_smile:

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If you want to see that, you should’ve been a little more forward during the Dopefest… :wink:


There is absolutely nothing of my own I can link to. I haven’t finished the novel, which tends to make finding a publisher that much more difficult.

Excepting memos the people of the SDMB and FFF have been exposed to my complete oeuvre, at least since the mid 70s.

I won’t bore you with my publications. They are all scholarly papers with titles like “Hierarchical Linear Modeling and Value Added Assessment in Effective Schooling Evaluations” and my most recent, “Data Warehousing to Web Reporting: One School District’s Research, Evaluation & Accountability System.” Great reading material :rolleyes:

[batting my eyelashes]
Why, spritle, that sounds utterly fascinating!

Okay, they might not be to MY taste, but that doesn’t mean that NOBODY here will want to read then AND get something out of them.

Kindly post the links.

Well, spritle, I showed him mine…you can show him (and the rest of us) yours too. dropzone seems to have a strong consitution. He’s still here after the somniferous drudgery I posted.

[sub]Unless he hasn’t read it yet :D[/sub]

I got about halfway through before my sleeping pill kicked in. May finish tonight, just to prove I can finish reading something, but I just got back from the library.

BTW, checked with Wife and the crows didn’t cooperate in killing the squirrel. It was killed by one that she had just shooed off, telling it she wasn’t its mother and to find its own food. Just then the squirrel walked by.

The other crows DID cooperate in eating it, though, and were real impressed with the killer.

Well, I do a lot of writing on a website called Themestream (at, surprisingly enough, However it is a version of self-publishing, and I get paid 2 cents whenever anybody reads an article. As such, I cannot post links to my articles here. But if you’re really interested, you can go to that site and do a search on my name (David Bloomberg, or just Bloomberg). Or you can e-mail me. I’m easy. :slight_smile:

As far as stuff for which I’ve already been paid, you can go to The State Journal-Register’s Search page and do a search on my name. You will find some book reviews, a couple articles on Survivor, and a few other miscellaneous items. You will also find me being quoted in an article about Bigfoot, a miracle tree, and school redistricting. Hey, what can I say, I get around.

From my Skeptical Inquirer writing, you can find the following (not all are on the SI site, or else I’d have told you to search there :slight_smile: ) :

“Faults and Paranormal Favoritism in Flawed Encyclopedia,” Review of Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience, November/December 2000 (also at"David+Bloomberg").

“Bennett Braun Case Settled; Two-Year Loss of License, Five Years Probation,” January/February 2000 (also at"David+Bloomberg" ).

“Bennett Braun Update: Poznanski Settles, Will Testify Against Braun,” September/October 1999 (also at"David+Bloomberg" ).

“Can an Idiot Be Psychic?,” Review of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Psychic, September/October 1999 (also at

“Scientific Skepticism, CSICOP, and the Local Groups,” July/August 1999 (also at

“Bennett Braun Case Update: Trials Set for May, June,” March/April 1999 (also at"David+Bloomberg" ).

“Illinois Files Complaint Against Repressed Memory Doctor,” January/February 1999 (also at"David+Bloomberg" ).

And, of course, you can read my Staff Reports on this weird site that I think you know the link to. :wink:

I’ve got a young adult novel coming out yikes! this month! Only 6 months late. A mere bagatelle in the publishing world. It is apparently listed for sale on

I also work with my partner as his editor and proofreader etc and we have a book in the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards. This is serious shit :slight_smile: and we are quite excited as for some bizarre reason we tend to get overlooked at times. His opus about children selling horseshit (which Creative NZ funded to the tune of $18 000) didn’t get shortlisted last year. Unfortunately the publisher refused to pay for a scratch and sniff cover. I think that would have made all the difference.