I have the bladder of a 6 year old. And it's none of yer goddamn business!

Before anyone points this out–yes–I do realize the irony in my thread title.
I’m 18. As far back as I can remember I’ve had a hyper bladder.

But only twice in the past year has it ever caused me to go through episodes involving actual leakage.

The first time was about 6 months ago–and I had a thread asking for medical advice about what was happening to me because I didn’t want my parents to find out. Anyways, The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, and eventually, it passed.

But now it’s happening again–I couldn’t hide it from my parents this time–so now they know–my siblings probably know–and now I not only have another doctor’s appointment, but a plastic sheet on my bed so loud it practically cries out: “Beware: Wet Boy on Board”!

Just–fuck it all to hell. This is embarrassing.

Not really -depressing-. I mean…conditions like these exist. And they can develop at any age. Otherwise–Kimberly Clark and Proctor & Gamble wouldn’t be making so much money.

But for these people who are close to me and whom I don’t necessarily trust to find out and know about it is just so fucking -embarrassing- that I want to curl up and disappear forever.

It’s also enough to make somebody nervous as hell wondering whether or not you’ll get better…whether or not it’ll come and go–or whether it’ll just get worse.

I also have no idea why I’m telling all of you except that I have no other way to rant about my life and I’m not depressed enough to be overly gloomy about it. But who cares? None of you probably care, anyways.

So…ya know…I guess that’s life. Or something.

What a way to end my Spring vacation.

Goddamn. I need a hole to crawl into.

I feel your pain, pal. Until I was in my very early teens, I had the exact same problem. It eventually went away, though… but until it did I had to deal with changing clothes and sheets almost every single night. I can only say that I hope it just goes away for you, too.

Until that happens, though, you just have to grin and bear it, I guess. Sometime later in life, though, you learn how to treat it lightly, and you’ll look back, smile, and think, “Damn, things were so friggin’ weird back then.”

If you borrow something from the Coroner’s office, give it back when you’re done with it! They need it for the autopsy report! :smiley:

Dear Ashtar,
I so feel for you. Although my mother and younger sister share your problem, I have been lucky enough to excape that fate. They pee when they laugh, they pee when they sneeze, they pee when they cough, they pee when they just move funny. I should point out that my sister is only 15.

My only suggestion is that you could try Kiegel (sp?) exercises. You contract and release the muscles you would normally use to stop the flow of urine. If this makes you feel like you have to pee, then just do it in the shower or even while taking a dump. That way, if you feel the urge, you can just let go without fear. Good luck!

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