I have the coolest fiancee in the world.

Normally, every groom-to-be says that their bride is “cool.” They tout how theirs is the sweetest thing, loves them, lets them play in the garage with a new socket set for Christmas or something. . .

Well mine does all that–she is the bomb. (Speaking of ‘bomb’, she’s even encouraging me to go to EOD school). She’s what I would call Cool. [sub](note the spelling, and lack of quotes)[/sub]

So, we’re going to commit our nuptuals in six days (next Saturday), and yesterday, she presented me with my ‘Wedding Gift’: a German Bunspolizei Sig Sauer P6.

I have the Coolest fiancee in the world. She lets me have the occasional poker game at the house with my/her friends. She sends me up to Nashville for a weekend to relax. She kicks my butt to go to the gym. She buys me tools. With those tools, she makes me build her a garden and do stuff around the house (these aren’t “chores”, they’re good work for a weekend!) She buys me sidearms. She’s the sweetest thing in the world, and by God, I’m gonna marry her. I have a Cool fiancee. Soon, she’ll be a Cool Wife.

I love this woman. And you can’t have her–she’s all mine. :smiley:

And I thought I was a cool fiancee because I decided we’d get married in an Irish pub. I never bought him firearms! :smiley:

She obviously pays attention and knows what you like and/or need. She’s a keeper.

And** Tripler**, I may safely assume you are appreciative of how Cool your fiance is, and you take similar steps to fulfill her needs?]

Then you are off to a good start. Congratulations.

Fine. Coolest fiancee.

But I have dibs on the Coolest Wife.

Not only does she go to this gym, not only is she a Trivial Pursuit guru and a golfer, not only is she a mathematician, not only does she play video games and watch Futurama, not only does she play poker WITH me and my friends, but she just bought me this new toy on Friday.

Oh, and she’s a doper.

Game. Set. Match.

You ain’t got “set” yet, because mine’s a Doper too. :smiley:

I’m starting to think that “The Disclaimer” ought to include something along the lines of “Attend at your own risk: weddings may result.”

Yes, I met her at a Dopefest.

You’re right, she is awesome. However, you are too. I’m glad you found one another and I wish I could be there at the wedding.

Fine, you guys have a lock on coolest fiancee and coolest wife.
I but claim Coolest SO.

He has supported me emotionally through a very difficult time, which means more than I can ever express.

He helped me move, and has fixed nearly all the broken stuff in my new apartment.
He installed my under-the-counter can opener, which had previously laid on the countertop for 10 years in my previous home. I don’t think he realizes how much that little gesture means.
He fixed two broken chairs, and just this weekend fixed my broken closet door.

He hides romantic cards around for me to find, which I love.
He’s always there for me to talk to, and helps calm me down when I’m nuts.
He boosts me up when I feel like crap.
He makes me feel like the most wonderful woman in the world.
And he’s all mine.
And yes, he’s Doper, too. :cool:
We met at a DopeFest.

Just as long as they’re not shotgun weddings… :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all of you! Seeing people caring for each other and happy is always so good.