I Have The Most Retarded Lawn Crew Ever

No, really…my wife works for The ARC, and one of the day programs they run for some of the higher functioning members is to work as a yard clean-up crew. A non-disabled guy runs the crew, but the rest of them are all varying degrees of developmentally disabled.

Seems to work out nice – rather then sit around the group home, they spend the day outside and get to make some cash. There are a few casualties – I just wanted a guy with Down’s Syndrome weed-whack the hell out of half of a very nice flowerbed before the crew chief stopped him – but all it all it looks like they’re doing a good job for a good price.

I just hope the one who is a chronic masturbator keeps it in his pants, and not in my petunias.

I’m sure you are not actually trying to be an *sshole.
But sometimes we succeed without even trying.

Dude …

I’ll save you a window seat. Anything from the trolley?

I heard that’s good for petunias.

Good for Petunia’s what, though?

wonders if Hal will notice who else whacked off in his flowerbeds

I’m pretty surprised that they bring him along on the crew. From the reports I’ve seen, he does it All. The. Time. Simple impulse control issue, and that’s fine, but it seems to me the group is setting themselves for a lawsuit. All it would take is the wrong person to see him in action (they generally only work for familes of members or employees, but hell, a lot of neighbors can see right into my backyard).

But hey, they did a really good job, did it fast, and did we didn’t get reamed on the price. All in all, a good deal all around (Isosleepy’s ignorance notwithstanding).

is astonished that nobody made a “get a few sheep to keep your lawn tidy instead” joke yet

“Please don’t prick the daisies.”

Who whacked off in YOUR petunias?

He, too, is known as a weed whacker.

“Green up! Green up!”

The thread title ain’t exactly politically correct. :slight_smile:

Cool. If they could be trusted to do housework, I’d hire 'em! 'Cept for that one guy; I want the place cleaned. Mebbe he could make money from people paying him to stay away…:slight_smile:

Yeah, shame some folks glom onto something like that. Direct quote from the director of my wife’s office: “How can you tell if someone has no personal interaction with the developmentally disabled? They think the word ‘retarded’ is offensive”. As with many PC things, the only ones offended are those who have to be told to be offended.

I thought your OP was funny, good natured and not at all offensive.

OP title reaks of *ssholery. OP, in previous posts I’ve seen, does not appear to be an *sshole. I thus assumed (yes, I get the irony, and am not bothered by it ) he wasn’t deliberately trying to be one here, despite coming off as one. Hence my post.

I know “retarded” isn’t as offensive as “retard”, but in this context it was offensive to me. Now, I’m sure many of you aren’t offended - usually, I’m just about the last to joint the offenderati, but this one just struck me wrong.

Poor guy… just tryin’ to fertilize the beds.

Not really. But it’ll make a big splash in the koi pond.

As someone whose SIL is retarded, and whose ILs are very involved in advocacy, future planning, etc. the word “retarded” is not at all offensive. In fact, it can often be hilarious, like when your retarded SIL understands the irony of calling her big brother retarded.