Pit Threads Guaranteed To Backfire

**If These Collection Agencies Don’t Quit Fucking Calling Me, I’ll NEVER Pay!

I Pit Women Who Dress Like Sluts But Won’t Put Out

Hey Asshole Mods! Stop Closing All My Threads!**

No-one Takes My Posts Seriously!

I’m no racist, but …
You guys are all jackasses! I want my $14.95 back!

The age of consent is too damn high in my state!

Driving Rant

Neighbor’s cat running around my yard. Next time I’m using poison.

I Pit Everyone who Hates Bush!

Amway is great, so STFU!!!

Fuckers keep stealing my lunch out of the work fridge - I’m going to poison it!

I’m a Telemarketer and everyone keeps hanging up on me!

I see that and raise you a:

“Stupid boss firing me for stealing other people’s food :mad:”

Damn those upholsterers!!! Feel free to post you own horrific story about these cut-throat, money-grubbing bastards!!!

How Dare You Reprimand My Child!

An open letter to the gay Mexican cripple who cut me off in traffic

All you heathens are going to hell, and here’s why

Hal Briston - What an asshole!

Kinda obvious, but…

I’m going to sue the SDMB!

** I’m Going To Eat Your Children **

** [Insert Genocidal Historical Figure] Was Right! **

** Why Won’t The Participants In My Pyramid Scheme Pay Up?**

Dopers are the fattest and ugliest group of people ever!

Proposal for manners in The Pit

For fuck’s people, there is no such person as Cecil Adams

Wait, are you sure that one would backfire?

.(kidding[COLOR=Sienna], just kidding)[/COLOR].
Here’s a pit title that should backfire:
Screw vets that refuse to declaw my outdoor cat!

I Pit Workers That Shit In My Precious Toilet! (Remember that one?)
I Pit the Dog That Keeps Killing My Kittens That I Keep Letting Out!** (Remember that one?)