Pit Threads Guaranteed To Backfire

Breastfeeding Keep Women Subjugated and Wrecks Their Careers!

Homeschooling/Vouchers/Charters Turn Out Better Citizens Than Public Schools
Christianity Is a Crock-I Thought I’d Been Raptured, But Then She Took My Money! WTF!
IF You Knew I Called the Wrong Number, Why Did You Answer the Phone?
Macs Suck/PCs Rule
this is fun
Tolkien Plagiarized, Plus, LOTR is Boring

Sci Fic Sucks

Department of Social Services should stay the fuck out of my house. (long)

So what if I was drunk, the kid shouldn’t have been on the sidewalk at that time of night.

I told her I had a vasectomy and she made me wear a condom anyway.

SSG Schwartz

I refuse to let ASSHOLE resturaunt owners make me subsidize their entire fucking workforce!(tipping related)


There, I fixed that for you. :smiley:

Doctors who perform circumcisions should be arrested!

I Pit tomndebb for [fill in blank]

An interesting series of Pit threads

Yeah, I’m a professional spammer! What’s it to you?


I can’t believe it! What the fuck is wrong with people? I am outraged! [link to Onion article]

Stupid cashier! Can’t you see I’m on my cell phone?

I insist that all guests in my home take off one of their shoes and leave the other one on.

I’ma rip your fuckin’ claws out, Cat!

**You don’t like my new ringtone? Fuck you!

It’s pronounced NOO kyoo lar!

Why Gays are ruining this country.

I Pit myself. (lame)

GWB needs to make a damn law that makes him eligible for another term!

Some retarded kid cut in front of me at the store!

Boss tells me to stop texting during meetings. I plan on burning his dog.

If they don’t mandate the teaching of ID in schools, I’ll fucking sue!!

Cats. I can’t seem to run over enough of 'em.**

Why are you in such a hurry, asshole? (middle of the road/sidewalk/escalator related)

No. Link?

Just missed the edit window.
Bacon salt tastes like day old ass

**When the Hell is that Nigerian guy going to send me that $20 million?

It’s almost the end of August. When is Mars going to look as big as the full Moon like that E-Mail said?


Here you go. It gets ugly.

Learn to spell, idiet!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh my God I laughed…
And I needed it tonight. And that was Cookies last post? Unbelievable.

All you need to do is not eat so much and exercise you fat SOB!

My husband is divorcing me and all I did was sleep with someone else!

The toilet paper should hang towards the back, idiot.

You waiters expect a tip? Forget it, Bub.

Each and every one a guaranteed train wreck.

I’d missed that one. It has to be one of the funniest threads I have ever read on this board. Thank you.

My limited income parents won’t buy me an Xbox, Wii, or PS3!!! Teh Bastards!!!

My SUV’s gas mileage sucks, and it’s all a conspiracy by the evil oil companies!!!

Since [Oliver Stone’s] JFK made things so clear why don’t people believe it was all a conspiracy?!?!?!?

Heck, any Pit thread with multiple exclaimation points seems a good candidate.