I have the weirdest sensation... has this ever happened to you?

(I KNOW YANAD, I just want to know if anyone has ever experienced anything like this.)

I have had pulled muscles and cramps and bruises and miscellaneous injuries of a minor nature. The disconfort that I felt in those cases was, well, clear-cut. Got an injury or sore muscle, turn or use or twist in a way that aggravates it, and there’s no mistaking it. it’s almost like a line you can draw… you move like this, you feel fine, you move like that, you instantly feel the pain.


Part two of the setup is the fact that when I sleep I constantly shift my position, completely. (I even shift from lying lengthwise to crosswise and back again in my everlasting search for the cool spot, summer or winter).

So I start my night lying on my left side…I lie on my left more than my right generally. I hug a pillow, I feel fine.

Then I turned over to lie on my right, bringing my left arm up to wrap around a pillow. I’m fine…for a few seconds. Then I notice a sensation creeping up the underside of my left arm, the one around the pillow. The sensation continues to increase, radiating down the far rear edge of my armpit. (According to diagrams i’ve looked it, it starts in the center of the triceps, travels through what looks like the “serratus” an into my lat.) It’s unpleasant and getting more so. (Time period is maybe 30-45 seconds.) Ugh… lift my left arm, straigten it, curl it around the pillow in a different way… no, not helping. Weird. Okay, straighten it out completely, rest it on my side. ummm… no. Not working.

I kind of hang my arm backwards just to see if that helps, well, perhaps slightly. But I fuss and shift and curl and straighten and nothing seems to be the right position to make this strange, subtle, creeping discomfort dissipate.

Damn! What a weird feeling. And icky. Let me turn over and lie on my left again. Wow. Magic. No trace of the weird unpleasant sensation at all!

Later on the same night, I turn on to my right side, go through the same deal.

I’ve been experiencing this for days.

When I’m upright and going through life I am fine 95% of the time. But if I lie down on my right side, there’s almost no position I can be in that prevents the unpleasant subtle creeping pain that’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before in my life from creeping into my triicep. That’s the thing that makes it so strange, it’s a (relatively) slow creep, not remotely abrupt - every time I lie on my right I think at first I’m going to be ok. Then it creeps in…

So now it’s been 5 or 7 days. I’ve been able to lie on my right side of I hold the arm sort of folded in tight against my front,sometimes. And I’m finally feeling it at other times, most noticably if I bend over, whether the arm hangs or not, jsut the bending over triggers a sensation that is mostly in the lat/armpit.

It’s a pretty sure thing that I somehow pulled something, probably when I went swimming for the second time in a couple of weeks after not swimming for three years. But what’s weirding me out is the way the pain creeps up slowly… I’ve never felt anything like it. Have you??


Hmm. Well, I’m six months pregnant right now, and my uterus is so heavy that I can’t bear to lie on my back because it squishes my intestines when I do. The feeling takes a minute or two to come on, and is a weird, indescribable discomfort and intense desire to change my position.

I wonder if you’re having a circulation problem?

Pinched nerve?

I was going to say pinched nerve too. If you stayed in that position and rode it out, what would happen? Muscle cramp? Would there be a main point of pain if you let it continue?

Reading this and a few other similar websites, if you have a pinched nerve in the cervical spine, it can lead to the symptoms you have.

You should probably go see your doctor or physiotherapist.

That’s one of the side effects of pregnancy you never hear about… intestinal squishing!

I think I know what you’re talking about. I get tendonitis in my shoulders very easily (haven’t had it in a while since I started strenthening the right muscles). Anyway it gave me creeping, nagging nerve pain and often numbness/tingling that often went down into my arm, and out into my back. It’s not exactly painful, but certainly unpleasant.

But you had better make sure you don’t have a blood clot or embolism.

One of the many… many… many side effects that you never hear about.

I vote with some others for pinched nerve in the neck. I’ve had trouble with this - I have two slices of dead guy in my neck now - there can be lots of feelings like these and they can depend on posture.

it’s not a big deal unless you had long term plans for your hands and arms.