I have to pit Rupert Murdoch, as if he hasn't always wallowed there

One of the major stories in the news these days is the criminal phone hacking activity that was the MO of News of the World. It’s a newsworthy story because it is a caution to all of us.

Every media outlet in the country (the world?) has the story. What about the Murdoch empire?

Here’s the link to the NY Post (owned by Murdoch):


Show me where there is mention of the story because I can’t find it.

Now tell me that the boss doesn’t exercise editorial control.

Start here.

[mind controlled monotone]

The boss doesn’t exercise editorial control. [/mcm]

R. P. McMurphy wrote the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful OP I’ve ever known in my life.

Well, it’s not like the whole world doesn’t already know he’s folding News of the World.

Frankly, I thought that decision, coming only three days or so after the news broke, was a pretty good example of Murdoch manning up and doing the right thing.

But expecting him to trumpet that decision in all his other publications strikes me as a bit much.

Let’s see…

New York Post. No. Well, the New York Post is a tabloid…

The Wall Street Journal (also owned by Rupert Murdoch). Yes. Not the lead story like in The New York Times; however, the front page nevertheless.

To be completely fair to Murdoch, he may not pressure his newspapers directly —you could have a situation where the Post’s culture is such that it avoids the story as a matter of loyalty to or fear of The Boss. I mean, it’s really even worse for the Post if that speculation is true, and it would still require Murdoch to have a certain reputation in his own company, but it’s worth consideration anyway.

I just said something non-hateful about Rupert Murdoch… wow, I sure feel dirty inside…

It was better than Cats. I’m going to read it again and again.


That’s interesting. Datelined 11:50 pm on July 7. Yet, I just went to the NY Post’s site and entered into the search “News of the World” and nothing came up. Go to their World News sections, http://www.nypost.com/news/international, nothing. It is buried somewhere down in there Business section if you dig deep enough.

It was the lead story on at least one Australian news website (run by a NewsCorp rival) yesterday, and there have been quite a few “End Of The World”-pun headlines in the media here over the past few days.

Perhaps the NYT just figured none of their readers would be care about a UK Sunday Tabloid being shut down, regardless of the Serious News Issues behind it?

How about a full investigation as if News Corp were a criminal enterprise, which there is probable cause to believe?

Sure he did. The advertisers were leaving in droves, so it was dead. He’s just going to reopen it under the name of the Sunday Sun in a few months - plus he wants to finish the satellite deal.

Now, if he fired the editor of the NoTW at the time instead of putting her in charge of the investigation…

There’s at least 10 pages of “Related Articles” regarding the News of the World scandal, the arrests and the ongoing saga on www.news.com.au which is NewsCorp Australia Ltd.

The UK’s Sky News, which is owned by NewsCorp, appears to have been laudably independent during the scandal. There’s even a video of Murdoch being doorstepped and Rebekah secretly recorded during the shutdown on their website.

But of course Murdoch has an outstanding regulatory complication in the UK, with regards to his Sky takeover.

Ofcom is currently considering whether News Corp is a “fit and proper” entity to be allowed proceed with that takeover :- Sky News’s independent stance is probably a deliberate ploy to influence that consideration.

In fact, thinking about it, in current circumstances an independent stance from Sky News is probably a minimum and absolute requirement from News Corp’s perspective.

News International’s other UK titles devoted the front pages, and several inside pages, to the NotW closure.

Yeah, I mean, after spying on the families of murdered schoolgirls, interfering into police investigations of said murders by deleting evidence, wiretapping the phones of servicemen killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, widespread corruption of the police and bribery, spying on police officers and their families on behalf of murder suspects, ad infinitum, Murdoch stepped up and did the right thing.

Oh wait, no he didn’t. He sacrificed NotW to try to save the rest of his NI assets in the UK when it became clear that the British public and establishment (let’s face it, as a British politician of any faction it can’t be too easy to prostrate yourself in front of a foreign national to get elected; I have yet to understand why we allow foreign nationals to own nationally distributed newspaper in this country, either become a British citizen or fuck off) had turned on the company and were eating it piece by piece. NotW is just rolled into its weekday sister publication the Sun. It still exists. There’s no possible interpretation of the series of events that we’ve seen this week wherein anybody can conclude Murdoch has done “the right thing”.

I find it suspicious that Fox News referred to it as “News Of The World (D)”

Okay, THAT made me laugh…