I have weird dreams!

Yesterday, I awoke from a nap, where I had a dream I could best describe as “Doc Savage meets The Prisoner”. I worked for Doc as a memeber of one of his hero teams, and woke up suddenly to find myself in a small room with a rhombizoidal shaped block in the middle of the room and a table with some money and a few chocolate wafers on it. I went out of one doorway and seemed to be going deeper and deeper into a huge complex, came back and went out the other and was back in the hotel where I last remembered being. I went back to the little room to examine the rhombizoid stone and was transported immediately to a city full of other people like myself. Heros, fighters, paranormals, the whole nine yards. Think Vegas as seen on an Angel Dust high and you’ve got it. I found the “team” I was supposed to be part of, which was made up of other Doc Savage heros, although not ones I had worked with before. ( I know Doc had the same four in the books, but in my dream he commanded legions of hero teams all around the globe. Speaking of Doc Savage books, has anyone read them? I love the antiquated version of hero morality - " Doc squeezed the evil little man’s neck until his rat-like heart stopped beating forever."-LOL Judge, jury and executioner all in one, and in kids books!)

Anyhow, there were hundreds of different teams who were given different tasks to do, usually ones that involved competing or fighting against other teams, many of who were composed of bad guys. Deaths were rare but occured, and injuries were common. There were also non-lethal competitions, warped versions of game shows, bowling, card games, TV studios, etc… I saved the life of a very cute Asian girl who showed me how to use the transporters to get where I wanted to go. I had to catch up to my team which was involved in some kind of race.

The interesting thing is that none of the people were there voluntarly, but no one could escape either, and an entire society and culture existed. I was propositioned by a beautiful, muscular woman who had a metal claw where her left hand used to be, and I replied that she would undoubtedly be fantastic, but I wouldn’t like what that claw would do to my back. Her companions all laughed and she winked and said “There are other attachments” and saundered off.

I was still trying to figure out how everything worked when I went on a date with the girl whose life I’d saved. She did something to the rhombizoid, and a slot opened and gave her money ( including Sackies ) and more of those chocolates. “My pay” she said and we headed for the movies. We were standing on a series of platforms in front of a series of doorways, and a loudspeaker was calling out door numbers and prices. “Door eight is now twenty-five” it said. My date said “That’s a good price” and we stepped up to the door, followed by two warrior women who started to fight us for it. I threw the blond one off the platform and jumped down onto her neck, and then turned to fight the other one who was outraged I’d killed the first one. I won the fight but got hurt doing so. My date was holding me and said “You’re going to do very well here” and pointed to a videoscreen where a stylized picture of the fight was displayed with the caption “Antother hero pleases the Uberlords” or somethig like that. It was my first clue someone or thing was controlling everything. She kissed me and I knew we were going to skip the movie and fuck. She slipped something into my mouth and my mood, joy, etc…shot straight off the charts. It felt like a million orgasms all at once. She showed me that it was a piece of the chocolate, and said “This will make the sex incredible, it’s called Blissium” ( Damn stupid radio commercials get into my dreams! )

And then I woke up. Damn. I didn’t get to fuck the girl, or track down the Uberlords and free myself and other members of my team, and I just know I would have, in true Saturday matinee serial style. I made myself remember the dream as I woke, because I thought it had been interesting, and was fascinated how involved it was. Also, I wonder just what part of my subconsious it had been dragged from

That’s amazing that you can get that much detail from a dream. It’s been almost a year since I had a dream that clear.

Seriously, dude, that would make an awesome movie.