I heard this about Youtube; is it true?

Hey all,

So here’s something I heard (actually, read) about Youtube. Supposedly, you need to have at least three videos on your channel, or it will be impossible to find any of them by search terms, and your poor lonely video will languish unseen. I haven’t seen this claim anywhere else. Does ANYONE know if it’s actually true? If anyone WOULD know, it would be the very very smart people here!:slight_smile:

I only have one video, and it’s very easy to find by searching.
Search for “iMac first day on sale” - that’s me.

It is not true.

I’m glad if it’s not. :slight_smile: But I guess that means I COULD have posted the video to my page instead of my sister’s. That’s the way it goes… anyway, thanks.

I too have only one lonely video on there and like “beowulff” it’s easy to find.

Search “Bad Moon Driving”

I watched it! :slight_smile: I, um… HOPE that everyone was SUPPOSED to be driving on the left side.

Never heard that, but I have over 300 videos posted, so I can’t be used as a test.

I only have two, and "MTPC HT Training XC " brings up one of them.

Yes in Thailand traffic IS supposed to drive on the left.

Some of it does most of the time, but you always need to be aware of anything coming towards you on your side of the road especially the bikes that buzz around every which way like angry hornets.

At night it tends to get very interesting with the majority of bikes and some cars with without lights looming at you out of the dark. :eek:

Hell, they’ll even drive on the sidewalks, and that’s no joke.