I honestly think I’m additive to Twizzlers

I buy them by the pound. Have only six delicious strands a day…but Jones for them at night. No Red Vines for me!

I don’t think I can have them if you’re one of the ingredients. That can’t be kosher.

Certainly better than being subtractive.

True damn auto correct!

What parts of you are added? Is it like the Worm Ouroboros?

(I suspect that you are really just addicted to sugar.)

By limiting yourself to 6 a day you may think you have it under control, but it’s the addicted brain fooling you. Do you hide the package from yourself, break your promise not to indulge at night? Ever try to quit cold turkey ?

This seems more suited to cafe society. Moved.

A couple of years ago, after my sister had been bugging me (since June) about what I wanted for Christmas, I replied “A twizzler. That’s all I need, a twizzler.”

Well, that fall she moved to Hershey* PA where, unbeknownst to me, they have a theme park that also has a huge store with the largest display of Twizzlers in the known universe.

So on Christmas morning I opened a large present… every size of Twizzler they make (including the two-footers).

*(Hershey’s now makes Reese’s and Twizzlers, and I did get to visit Hershey Park. And stock up… I finished the box from my sister by February)

When we were on our six-month RV trip after retirement, we used to keep one of those giant tubs of Red Vines between the seats for noshing. I can’t eat them to this day, eleven years later.

I was so hoping that I’d open this thread and the OP would be Polysorbate_80.

Twizzlers are additive to me.

(Seriously, now that I’m not going to the gym, I’m going to have to cut back.)

I love Twizzlers and Nibs, or at least I used to.

Did you know that there is flour in licorice? No fun with a gluten intolerance.

I was thinking Red Dye #3.

Oh gawd yes. Started buying packages to “share” with the grand-daughter, but ended up eating most of them myself. The saving grace was when she got braces and can no longer eat them, so I stopped buying them.

I had a problem with Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews in Junior High.
To this day, if I buy a pack, I’m in danger of backsliding.

I get the Twizzlers issue.

Speaking of The Gym and Twizzlers, I’ve been known to ride the Spin bikes quite aggressively, with a Twizzler hanging from my mouth.
(each mile that I hit my target time, the red twist gets shorter…)