I hope Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz find this post someday

History will remember McCarthy and Cruz as jokes. They will be remembered as a congressman and senator that shirked their duty and oath that they took to defend and protect the constitution. Shame on them.

FTR - Ted Cruz is my senator. I’m a Texan. I hope he doesn’t get another term. I shook his hand once when I ran into him at the Capitol Grille in DC. I kind of regret that now.

“Shame” is pretty much a non-existent quality in right-wing politicians these days. They’ve discovered they’re better off without it.

Sadly, this will probably encourage the left to follow.

Um… ALL politicians. Lack thereof is a job requirement.

They should be remembered for not only not defending the constitution, but actively working to undermine it.

Correct. Both sides are exactly the same.

How’s Al Franken doing these days?

It’s only a matter of time until McCarthy goes full SovCit.

I don’t see any fringes on those flags.