I hope Texas loses 3000 to -63

After Mack Brown went all whiny last year and begged the voters to let Texas go to a BCS bowl rather than Oregon, the LAST thing he deserves is a respectable finish in the Rose Bowl. So much class in the BCS bowls: Carroll, Haslett, JoePa, et al. and Brown gets to go to the Championship Game? The only justice will be that it will let everyone in America see how badly he gets outcoached. My question is: will he start crying to the BCS voters that despite losing by 70 points, they should still vote Texas as national champs?

What the hell are you talking about?

Last year, Oregon didn’t even get a bowl game, and Texas played Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

Can we fill in your “location” tag with “College Station” perhaps?

SaintCad is referring to Texas being selected ahead of Cal (not Oregon) for last year’s Rose Bowl. Cal was ranked ahead of Texas in the human polls and won its final game, but Texas move ahead of them in the BCS ranking. Some think that one reason Texas moved up was active campaigning on Brown’s part.

Oh, right.

I thought people got over that bitch when Cal got their asses wiped by Texas Tech and Texas beat Michigan. Guess not.

Sorry to butt in with an ordinary question but how do the Bowl Games work? I know there are 4 proper ones (Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta) and about 20 other ones. One of the proper ones each year is for the national championship but what is the ranking for the other 3?

And does anyone ever watch all 20-odd games.

College football is broken up into conferences, Pacific, Atlantic, Southeast, East, Southwest, and many more.

One bowl each year gets the National Championship game, and the BCS bowl that gets it rotates about the 4 you listed, IINM,

The other games pair the winners of the major conferences and sometimes an unattached team. I’m sure that how they do it exactly is explained somewhere, but it’s somewhat confusing.

People do watch all 20 (or more like 28 bowl games). They’re called gamblers. But some of us just like to watch foots instead of whatever else is on the tube.

I doubt that ANYONE sits through the 3:30 of every single minor game, though. And, when you get closer to the end, the games run concurrently. At one time Monday, 4 games were on at once. So you can’t watch every second of every game, but you might have a stake in them.

SaintCad, you are so very full of shit. You’re carrying some sort of grudge over statements from last year? Waaaaah.

Should the Longhorns lose, by whatever amount, I’m certain Mack Brown will have the usual coach-speak press conference. Something along the lines of “We played hard, but couldn’t overcome the many tools they have in their offense.” Or whatever. I guarantee he won’t be “whining” about anything.

The only “whining” he – and many other coaches – have done in the past concerns the capriciousness of who exactly goes to the so-called “championship” game. And they’re right. It’s an arbitrary match-up based mostly on popularity contests (i.e., the polls). Personally, I think it’s a totally bullshit way of determining a “national champion” when only two teams get to compete.

Really? Not according to the stories that ESPN ran last year.

From this story:

And this story

That’s not much of a refutation.

Ponder is saying he might have whined about the capriciousness of the BCS and you’re just saying that he pleaded and urged voters to put him in.

Those things aren’t really in opposition and they sort of go hand-in-hand.

Brown had to plead and urge because of the capriciousness of the BCS (next time, Ponder, use a shorter word.) And, fact of the matter is, the games proved him right.

He did a service to his team.

I don’t really care one way or the other. Odds are that USC will win the game anyway. What is Mack Browns record against top 5 teams? IIRC, it is something like 2-5. And USC has won 21 Rose Bowls.
Fight On!

Yes, odds are for USC.

But, just because:

Texas Fight! Texas Fight!

I’m only here to say that I will be rooting hard for USC, not because of any anti-Tecas feelings, but because my favorite college football team is always whoever is playing Notre Dame, and USC has so completely owned the Bloated Dome that I’ve come to love them.

Mack’s campaigning last year had little effect on the BCS standings.

See detailed mathmatical analysis at

Of course there is no chance that a site called hornfans.com is going to be biased.

I didn’t speak to whether it’s biased or not; it clearly is. But that doesn’t change the fact that that particular post is using only facts (and a bit of anger) to dispel a popular notion.

Not quite. There is ONE proper one, the Rose Bowl. Every other so-called “Bowl” game is a copy-cat game dreamed up by some sore losers in other states who are whiny, attention-starved poopy heads who can’t stand it that the prettiest parade gets a football game on the television.

Anyway, how it works is this: On New Year’s Day, the Television Stations all have a parade in Pasadena, called the Rose Parade (aka the Tournament of Roses). All of the floats are made from flowers, and they have marching bands and pretty horsies being ridden by cowboys and cowgirls who have a very weird idea about what constitutes appropriate clothing for a cattle drive, and also the two football teams. They all walk down Colorado Blvd. to the Rose Bowl Stadium, where they have a football game to celebrate that fact that the parade is over.

Whoever wins the football game is the best.

This is how the system appeared to me when I was five years old. I have seen no reason in the intervening years to change my opinion.

Halftime. 16-10 Texas.

Hook 'em Horns!

That was one hell of a ballgame. WOW. Vince Young once again proved his MVP credentials (as did Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Lendale White). Unbelievable.

<Insert standard rant about imperfect officiating and blown calls here.>

My wife and I, both Gator fans, were screaming and jumping up and down like maniacs at the end of this one. I actually turned the game off earlier, disgusted with how Texas was playing at the time. Mrs. Albert turned it right back on, and the rest is history. After last night’s game and tonight’s game, she is hooked. She’s even talking about prevent defenses and the like. :cool:

I didn’t have a favorite team but it twas a great game.

I’m glad that Keith Jackson had toned down his obvious bias toward USC by the end of the first half. Made the rest of the broadcast much more enjoyable.

Wow. Good to the last drop.

(For anyone who wants to whine about the officiating, I would like to point you to the USC vs Notre Dame game in which the bad officiating went FOR the Trojans, without which they wouldn’t have even been in this game. Besides, UT would likely have scored a TD on the next play or two of that drive anyways. BTW, I’m for neither team.*)

Bottom line: the teams played their hearts out within the constraints they were given. Superstar performances were seen from both teams’ superstars and from others who took up the slack.

Congrats on a great season to both schools and their fans. See ya next year.

  • Being a Colorado alum and living in the Sooner state, I’m only bummed that BOTH teams couldn’t have lost! :stuck_out_tongue: