I hope this doesn't embarrass Libertarian

Today, August 4th, is Libertarian’s birthday. Happy birthday, babe! I love you with all of my heart. May His face shine upon you, today and always.

May I also add a happy birthday to Michi!

Happy Birthday Libertarian, hope you and Edlyn celebrate in a fun way :wink:

Lib, you may be wrong most of the time, ( :wink: ) but happy birthday!

Happy birthday Lib. I really appreciate your presence here, and, although I lack faith myself, find your view of religion the only palatable one I have ever seen. I can honestly say that you are the poster here whose opinions I respect the most. I look forward to every post of yours.

BTW, I’m pretty drunk, and in vino veritas, as they say. And I must add that I have always held my fellow Leos in the highest regard. The revelation that you are one further confirms my suspicions.


I had hoped that Lib would see this early in the morning to start his day.


Happy Birthday Dude.

so, how old is that, 60???

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to a very peaceful and honest man, from all us violent liars.

Yikes! Edlyn snuck one in on me! (Thanks, my darling.)

Thanks, everyone! I’m an old old man (45).

(Aside to WaterJ: God go with you always.)

Happy Birthday Lib!

Happy birthday Lib. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Hope you enjoy many many more. May his face shine upon you and he uplift you in the grace of his love.


Go Libbie!
It’s your birthday!
Go Libbie!
It’s your birthday!

Oh and while I appreciate the admiration you have mentioned you have for me, you should probably know it works both ways, friend.

Yer pal,

Three months, three weeks, five days, 12 hours, 58 minutes and 42 seconds.
4701 cigarettes not smoked, saving $587.70.
Life saved: 2 weeks, 2 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes.[/sub]

"Satan is not an unattractive person."-Drain Bead
[sub]Thanks for the ringing endoresement, honey!*[/sub]

Libertarian - many happy returns! May you grace this world with your presence for a long time still, and help in the fight against ignorance.

Best wishes from another fellow Leo.


Sorry, I had to do that.

Happy Birthday Lib!

Libertarian: congrats and many happy returns. We may not often agree on political issues, but you always have my respect.

Thanks again, everyone!

Edlyn gave me Caribou, Blue Moves, and Elton’s Rare Masters, Charlotte Church, some underwear (real nice and soft), a nice shirt and some Bermuda shorts! All I’m missing now is Rock of the Westies.

soft underwear? Edlyn, prepare yourself for the embarassment that you were hoping to avoid. The quips, bons mots and double-entendre will be flying fast and furious now.

Happy Birthday, Lib!
ahhh! still forgot to post a cool sig

Happy birthday, Lib! Many happy returns of the day, and I hope it concludes with some pleasant snuggling with your lady! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday you kooky radical!