I (hopefully) helped keep an UL from spreading

A friend of my wife’s just sent us a much-forwarded message with the statement “This is not a joke”. Once I got past the headers, I read a version of the Neimann-Marcus Cookie Recipe urban legend.

Besides sending her the Snopes page debunking the N-M UL, I also sent it to all her friends that were in her CC list.

Hopefully, that does it.


A friend of mine asked them for their cookie recipe and they told her it would cost her “two-fifty”. Of course, she thought they meant two dollars and fifty cents, but …

What? No, it really happened. Well, it wasn’t my friend exactly, more of a friend of a friend.

LOL! All that’s going to do is that her friends will ignore your links and start forwarding your email saying “Is this really a joke?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot believe that one is still going around. I first heard it in college. A friend of mine was so excited that her mom’s aunt had sent her this awesome recipe. And she told me the whole story.

I went home and told my mom about it. My mom said, “Wow. I can’t believe that recipe is still floating around. I got it years ago from a friend.”

That was my introduction to the Urban Legend.