I just applied to be a minister

I just applied online to be a minister with the Universal Life Church. It was free.

Is anyone else ordained? Do you know anyone who was ordained online? How is it?

I did the same thing about 4 years ago or so. It’s pretty meaningless for most folks: I just did it because I thought it was funny.

You can take it serisouly, though, but I’m not sure about the legality of anything you try to do.

I am a secular humanist, and an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California via the internet.

I am study in contrasts. An enigmatic dichotomy. Also, I am a fine judge of cheese.

Dante, that’s who I applied with. How is it working for you? I admit, I did it just to do it, I’m not looking to marry people (unless there is some sort of honorarium involved). Is that something I can do?

Most people who send away for mail-order ordinations do on a whim, as a lark. And if it gives an atheist a laugh to call himself “Reverend,” I don’t begrudge him that. Just bear in mind, if you DO go that route, do it for fun, not for profit (more on that in a bit).

In MOST places, even a mail order certificate of ministry is enough to allow you to perform a legally valid wedding. If you’re not sure about the rules where you live, call your county clerk’s office, and they’ll fill you in.

But for the most part, state and local governments don’t care what denomination a clergyman represents, because in the eyes of the law, a clergyman is no more than a witness to the signing of a completely secular contract. A marriage can be valid in the eyes of a church but invalid in the eyes of the government, and vice versa. The county clerk just wants to know if a couple has filled out the proper paperwork, if they’ve obtained a marriage license, and if they’ve gotten that license properly signed. As long as they have, the clerk doesn’t much care whether the officiator is a Catholic priest, a Scientologist, or a Satanist.

Beyond that, what does the certificate entitle you to do? Not much. Most importantly, it does NOT entitle you (automatically) to any tax breaks- so keep on paying your income and property taxes like before. I know of many people who ended up in deep doo-doo with the IRS, after trying to claim tax exemptions, based on their “clerical” status.

Besides being a minister in the ULC, I paid the money to get the official accrediation and I used that to get a license to perform weddings in the county that I live in. I haven’t married anyone yet though I did offer to officiate over my niece’s wedding later this year. But she is getting married in a different county and I am not sure if I will get license there or not.

I’m a minister with ULC as well. I just think it’s hilarious to call myself “Reverend Jackelope.”

Yeah, I offered to do my sister’s wedding, but she turned me down. I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t want an amateur stand-up comedian doing her wedding…

IIRC Max Torque and chique are ULC ministers, as am I. And B’s stepsister recently was ordained in same church.

I’m a Rev. too. I’ve been tempted to send a few bucks in for a fancy title, too, but I’ve never been able to decide which one I’d like. I just did it on a lark, although the idea of being able to do weddings is amusing. I probably won’t ever actually use my status as a member of the clergy for anything.

Another Rev. here. I got it via a magazine coupon long before Al Gore invented the internet :wink:

I have never used it officially but I have pulled it out in the occasional religious debate as evidence defending my non acceptance of my priest/minister said so as a valid argument.

Hello, brother Casey1505. Welcome to the church.

Our plans have come full circleBrother FDISK! The hour of our triumph soon shall pass!

I registered as a ULC minister years ago on a lark, never expecting anything to come of it.

Now, a friend of mine is getting married, and he asked ME to serve as minister! Never say never!

He’s very cynical and anti-religious, and I am agnostic, so I was the perfect choice to do the job… and even though I live in Sacramento and he is in San Diego, I said I would do it for the price of … one beer.

Happy to obilge…

Oh, my brothers, wher can one get materials on how to perform ceremonies, rehearsal dinner, licensing, etc? You know, general procedure.

This is to confirm that

SCRANTON PA 18505-3706
has been ordained as a minister of the
Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.

Date of Ordination: 3/4/2003

by Kevin Andrews, Pastor

Now what? :smiley:

I did it back in 98 or so. Much fun :smiley:
I’d sort of forgotten that I was ordained… thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Now you put a sign out on your front lawn. Mine says “Will perform religious ceremonies (excluding brises) for fine Cuban cigars”.

Says here for $108 I get “The Complete Clergy Package” which includes a press pass. Look for me as I give the invocation at the Pocono 500 this year. Do I need to call first, or should I just show up?

I’m also a ULC minister. There are lots of us. For instance, I was at dinner with some other members of my LARP, and we were discussing the upcoming wedding of a couple of other friends, who happen to be (semi)solitary Wiccans. One girl wondered if they would be able to find anyone to perform the ceremony. It turned out that every other person at the table–9 people–were ordained by the ULC and willing to officiate. After some discussion, they nominated me, as I’m a philosophical Wiccan. Fortunately, the couple found a priestess, so I was off the hook.