I just ate 3 mushrooms

I’ve never done this before.

I’ll keep you posted.


You’re a wild man. Truly.

If you’re talking about the magic type you may need to eat more that 3 .

You also may want to read this http://www.pinehurst.net/~apd/drug/aboutshroom.html

As a matter of interest I found some my garden the other day but it’s been a while and I don’t know if I want to go there again .

Enjoy .

Three? Wow. Eat an eighth and get back to me. Better yet, go for a quarter.

Alright alright alright. They told me to only eat 3, but then, they can’t move, so I guess they’re not really good judges.

I just ate the rest of the bag, and it had about two joints worth of weed mixed with it.

I almost gagged. Tasted like burned ass.

Now I guess we’ll see.


I was going to go to bed but I think I’ll hang around for a while , this should be fun .

I hope you’re with good people Homer .

Once again Enjoy .

cracks another can of guinness and waits for the show

So you were talking about sillycybin. Great stuff. And I have to agree…three wasn’t nearly enough, was it?

BTW, here’s a hint…nobody I know eats 'shrooms for their taste

Hey, if you want the good stuff, I suggest you try to get your hands on some Josta. It’s only made by black-market production facilities in… uh… Lichtenstein…

Next time you should make some tea .

OK, so apparently I’ve lived a very sheltered life. Please, tell me, what does “burned ass” taste like?

I was just thinking the opposite…“Now I know what burned ass tastes like…”

Crazy timing there Homey.

You post about your friend who went too far with drugs. Then you decide to experiment the same day.


Hope you had fun, and I am glad you had the experience with your friend to let you know not to go too far.

Hehe, just figured I would comment on the timing.

I don’t think I wanna know how Tim knows how Burned Ass tastes.

hey tim, enjoy.

I’ve only done 'em twice, and the first time was a doozy. I wound up laying prone on a dorm floor, pants around my ankles, having completely forgotten how to speak english. but it was fun while it lasted.

in case you wonder, I am telling no lie.

my advice? if things get wacky, say to yourself, “I feel good, and I’m not scared at all. I just feel kind of… kind of invincible… Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?” have a blast, but stick with acid.

huzzah and goodbye,

Jack Burton

whoah fuck fuck fuck fuck vuck man… It’s hard to control my fingers they wonm’t move right. Everything I see has yellow and red veins and a black shadow with green all between it man it’s all rgrrrnen. Sometimes it’s tentacles of a one eyed medusa monster who eats people. But right now it’s a razor blade. I can’t move my arms because they’re not connected to my body and the shadows are moving. Everything that’s happened in the last 10 minutes is happening right now and I can feel every bit of electricity in the universe. The monitor has cat eyes and is lookin at me he wants to eat me because the monitor is the cheshire cat and he’s hungry for pussy he’s way too horny. Okay I’m okay it’s just I don’t controll my breathing anymore. My body subcontracted it to this guy in pittsburg and he breathes for me because it’s too weak where I’m at to work. The pictures are blue red green and black bricks lining the path to washington boulevard. I can’t concentrate because tomorrow is now and right now was yesterday. I’m slipping in and out of hallucinations. When I pay attention and try to realize that my monitor isn’t a pyramid and smoke isn’t a liquid and that I actually control my own arms even though I can’t feel them and they’re just flying down the keyboard really fucking fast I’m doing incredible I don’t know how I’m doing this because I can’t feel my arms. THey’re just a pretty picture like thisawoehjhahsgkjllsdfkjl man that’s a gorgeous picture isn’t it? They just told me to stop typing because it’s making them stay up Republicans are cool. if they’re so cool why do they need this stupid party fan to tell themselves that. Everything is happening in like spacial warp time from Star Wars Trek. I keep typing and I want to stop and I’m trying to stop but I can’t because the monitor is beige weathered painted bricks and it’s an ancient mayan cave and they were watching gilligans island the professor knows how to get off the island again I still can’t feel my fingers but they’re doing an incredible job and going really really fast fuck fuck fuck vuck I spelled it wrong up top too but I didn’t want ot fix it because I don’t controll my arms they are independant and my breathing goes clump clump clump ba duhm bum bandadadad yeah baby that’s james brown style I just wanted to say to yojimbo (Ithink it was yojimbo but it may have been akimbo instead but I think ) it was yojimbo that said that link that he gave to the thread about my friend I just wanted to say that man that was letting drugs control your life. It’s okay to have fun on the side sometimes but please god don’t let it takeover your life i’m not a russian. my pinkie has a golden ring and is smoking but it’s only a cartoon so i’m not worried my fingers are giant cartooons toio because i’m sam and max with a tenacious d time uh muthafucka yeah so just don’t do it al the time it’s okay sometimes just i think there’s a van outside keeping an eye on me we’re watching little mermaid anyway so just don’t do it too much a little is okay but not let it take over your life like ryan man am I still typing I’m doing okay because every musicle in my musicle haha i’s a muscle that can play music anyway every muscle in my body is separate and it feels a huge electric pulse running through him it’s not electric it’s his beating heart under the floor hope the cops don’tsee my cartoon fingers make of jello with a hamburger. the straight dope yeah baby fighting ingorance, reporting the effects of drugs first hand so i’m making a contribution, anren’t i it’s like electricity through your body every muscle and you get distracted easy but then you focus on weird shit not for focus for a few seconds and then you snap out and fell kinda normal but then you go back in and you’re throbbing and seeing things is there a cartoonish young black man in my monitor like the black guy spiderman hung out with in the 70’s? fucking buttons i hate them ballooons yeah muthafucker stabbin you with my bowie while i’m naked that’s tenacious d time i almost made time with a girl about an hour ago but i got turned out hard because of a boyfriend i have to keep making sure no one’s watching me spinder man spider man does whatevera spider can. spinds a web man that water tasted good i need more i’m so pent up like an atom bomb atom bombalombalomba almost got laid, yeah, but i felt some tit. but i got turned down, boyfriend, tell more later. my lips are numb but yellow and slightly cold my muscles are leectric shock bizzzznabs whey are they watching Disney it’s too wierd every second is a minute is forever but it’s also never and my legs haven’t moved lately i’m scared. whahahhahwhwh nope not scared my muscles are tingly everything is growing and shifting whoa this is fucking cool man it’s like it’s coldfire’s town full hard core fuck yeah how many dopers is that mentioned so far? i think everyone because i used the whole alphabet it’s just mixed up well i’m going to post this onw because it’s obnoxiously long and if i stop moving i don’t have to move because tacks tacks on my thumb, you dirty bum that stupid mermaids goddamn them oh yeah baby fuckin spidey! I’ve been typing foreverevereverfvefvevafsdljkfs fucking a i really should mackdonna handheld shoehorn butterhorse.

if i close my eyes all the movement stops i’m not throbbing i need more waterslow like a shark attacking a dolphin but not dan marino, that’s what they want, Ace ventura. fuck gotta go.


wait i gotta write soemmore my eyes are those skin on chips called 'tater skins yeah those ones y eyes are those except they’re also droopy the dog and on top tf theat they’re olympic torches i try ot keep up but this shit’s all going too fast for my fingers to type and i cna’t pay attention fuck. okay. i HAVE to drink something else. jb_fareley buddy took me four tries to get that anyway i was thirsty but as sooon as i can focus i’ll get some but cherries. yeah cherries anyway, i’m not scared just thirsty and oh yeah i did get hot i am hot but i can’t concentrate i keep breaking up radio static cb channel 9 if you’re hurt sleeping girl construction worker. i just moved it was weird like winamp with geiss installed disney that’s where it’s at a big gian penis that is i’m trying to type out everthing i think but i think too fast i want to go to sleep but i’ve got a girl in my bed who doesn’t want to fool around. i’ll sleep on the floor right here. dozin off, right… NOW.


::closes out, turns off monitor. no i don’t want to sleep on the floor, now that i think of it i’ll go sleep on my parents bed. bye.


Shoudda stuck with the 3 I guess

i had to move agian because i screwed up that quo t e above i know i did byut don’t reember what it ws okay man i like boobs nice boobs.

pseagulf. i just lost my attention for like 1200000 mijnutes.

byelater shiggermajiggor dorfnopple that’s from meermainds litttle onese. ::snap attention woohhhooom:: fuck okay i’m out.



It was worth the wait . Your gonna love yourself when you read this Homer .
I think I might start harvesting , you’ve got me in the mood .

I never did the bulletinboard/mushroom thing before, and now I know why. Homer you are gonna laugh your ass off when you see this shit. Btw, you da man :slight_smile:

Ha!! ROTF…

Tim-timminny-tim-tim-terooo, here’s an email I wrote to myself that first time- I was at the end of my trip, hence a lot more lucid.

come down soon, and sleep well, sweet Homer.