I just ate my liver

It was quite good. Chocolatey. Which is good, because it was chocolate. That’s right. A chocolate liver.

I work at a hospital, and yesterday a research nurse in Hepatology gave me a chocolate liver. From a drug rep. It had the word Roche on it. A chocolate Roche liver.

What kind of demented promotional department thought this was a good idea?

I had fun with my liver yesterday. Showed it off. It was amusing, until someone asked if it was solid chocolate, or if it was filled with something. Then it was gross.

So I put it in my fridge, and just now got hungry enough to eat it. Fortunately, it was solid, or I woulda gagged.

I really needed to share that.

Did you also have some fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Hannibal Wonka?

Jelly beans and a nice Nestle’s Quick?

Just a Mr. Pibb, actually. Put it in your head…

But now I’m hungry again. Perhaps a nice chocolate gall bladder, or oooooh… a caramel pancreas…

You know what they say, once you start gnawing on your body you can’t quit till it’s all gone…

How about a chocolate vagina?

We sold them at the Vagina Monologues this year. They even come in two sizes . . . bite size, and life size. :slight_smile:

Well, just be glad it wasnt filled with a raspberry filling, if it had been hollow :D. ALthough, that would probably be tasty.