Liver is nasty

I love food and I love to eat. I’m not too picky either, but there are just some things that I WILL NOT eat. One of them high on the list is liver. What a nasty smelling and tasting organ!

How can you liver-eaters put that shit into your mouths? ewwwww!!

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Are you Fonzie?


I hate liver, but then again, I pretty much hate all food, i am very picky.

It may depend on how it’s cooked. I hated liver when I was a child. But a few years ago, I arrived at my boyfriend’s for dinner to discover he was preparing…LIVER. Yikes! He cajoled me into trying it. Much to my surprise, I liked it. About a year ago, I bought some and even prepared it and cooked it (I thought) like he did. I ate it. It was nasty. I could still taste it the next day - thought I was going to puke.

Liver is the toxic waste dump of the body. I won’t touch it, though not for that reason. I just don’t like the taste or texture of liver. It’s not even good for you.

I know that SOME people regard it as a gourmet treat, but I’ve always hated it.

Lynn the Packrat

That’s what I was thinking too Lynn, that that the function of that particular organ is enough in and of iteself to raise red flags to me about eating it, but then combine that with the taste (of which the thought makes me shudder) and I just can’t comprehend the consumption of it.

You mention that it’s not good for you (and I don’t care if it is or isn’t, but…)…others claim that it is very healthful and nutritious…what’s the scoop?

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Maybe if they called it something else…
Anything else. I will never, ever in my life (unless starving to death) eat something like an organ food. I mean, nothing gets my appetite going like:
pancrease (sp)
tongue (oh, my GOD that’s gross)
pigs feet
pigs knuckles
pigs ears
Anything that actually names the body part is unacceptable to me. Major gross. Oh, and how about Tripe? Mmmmmmmm. No thanks! I’m with ya’, C3!

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I love somebody that eats liver…

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Of course liver is nasty, it is a big blood filter after all. It’s job it to clean out the blood of the animal or person it came from. Of course I guess 99 % of us grew up having to eat it, because our moms made us, Iron and all that. But now I don’t cook it at all.

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I’ll eat virtually anything, but I’ve never had the opportunity to eat plain liver. I have had liver sausage though. (I think it’s also known as liverworst) I admit it smells gross, but put some of that paste on a Ritz, and you’ve got yourself a yummy snack. :slight_smile:

As for foods I hate? If you paid me, I would not eat mushrooms, or watermelon. In fact I believe watermelon is of the devil.


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Liver is good (said like Travolta saying pork chops are good in Pulp Fiction). Try it ‘yakitori’ style. MMMMM. I like tongue, too. Tongue is good.

Arg has a sense of humor!! Arg has a sense of humor!! Way to go, Arg!!


It’s the texture of liver that turns my stomach. Liver is high in iron and other nutrients, but it’s also high in cholesterol. And as someone mentioned, it’s a filtering organ. This means that pesticides, hormones, whatever the animal ate will concentrate in the liver. Liver USED to be recommended to people with low iron, now it’s not. The iron in liver is not readily accessible.

Same thing with spinach, it used to be recommended as a way to get iron in your blood, now they’re saying that the body can’t extract the iron easily.

::shrug:: But the nutritionists will have a new theory out tomorrow. I say, if you don’t like something, don’t eat it.

Lynn the Packrat

::: singing :::
I hate liver,
Liver makes me quiver,
Liver makes me curl right up and die
Oh, my!

Any wonder that we call a dislikeable person names like: yellow-livered?

Or that we say: liver-wurst?

You guys are like a buncha six year olds. Liver is great — mmmmmm liver ‘n’ onions. Fried chicken livers… chicken livers sauteed in burgundy… pate de foie gras…

I have to go get something to eat now, you culinary philistines.

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I know y’all aren’t going to try this, but here’s a yummy chicken-liver recipe: Just fry 'em up in a pan with chopped onions and soy sauce. Delish! I had to stop eating liver for health reasons, but still think fondly back on that particular dish . . .

in keeping with the nauseating nature of the thred…2 words: HEAD CHEESE

Liver: Food of the Gods! I love it even as a kid.
For those concerned about it’s function in the body, you’ll probably want to stay away from all organ meats for that matter.

Flora, you’re recipe sounds great. Since I’me the only one between my husband and I who’ll eat it, I’ll have to try a small batch. I had the BEST chicken livers at a small town restaurant in Tennessee (Waverly, for those of you who must know.) Real, homemade pan fried with lots of onions. Not the normal, greasy deep fried and battered variety.

I am a huge liver fan. The trick to preparing it is to rinse it and rinse it until it starts to blanch. It is all of that congealed blood that gives liver its bad taste.

Soak it is slightly warm running water for about 20 minutes, then knead it repeatedly.

Cut the liver into 1" strips and fry in a pan with a lot of bacon, mushrooms, onions and peppers.

Of course, you could prepare cardboard the same way and it would taste good.

Kellibelli, in keeping with the nauseaous nature of the thread:


Many years ago, on a hunting/survival trip, I was “forced” (the peer pressure was just too much) to eat raw deer liver, fresh from the animal and still steaming. I took two bites, held it down for about 15 minutes until I could get away from the guys I was hunting with, and threw it up (along with everything else in my stomach). Repulsive only begins to describe it. And god only knows what the health risks were!