I just buried my best friend

Buster, my constant companion of the last five years, succumbed this morning to renal failure. You might remember me posting about him from time to time over the last couple of years (this thread comes to mind). BTW, if anyone saved any of those pictures, I’d appreciate a [EMAIL=sewalk@hotmail.com]copy; I lost mine when my server crashed.

My dad and my brother helped me bury him this evening out at the family farm, next to our childhood dogs Ricky and Tip. Since my divorce seven years ago and my ex-wife’s subsequent move to North Carolina, I depended on Buster to fill the void caused by my separation from my son. These seven years have been the hardest time in my life and I will be eternally grateful that Buster pulled me through them. I feel that God decided that it was Buster’s time now that my dark years have begun to fade and my life is improving. Today has been the saddest day of my life but I feel I can go on now.

It’s been a rough year for our family pets. Kate, Grandpa’s German Shorthair Pointer, had a stroke about a year ago. Justice, my brother’s Rottweiler, finally died of heartworms, not long after major surgery was required to patch him up following a near-fatal scrap with six neighborhood dogs. Lexie, my sister-in-law’s Pomeranian, disappeared from their rural yard, a probable victim of an owl. BJ, Grandma’s old standard Poodle, had to be put to sleep last summer. Patty, Dad’s German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, died suddenly of mysterious causes. Link, another GSP of Dad’s, died of septic thrombosis a few days later. Josie, at 14 the grand old dame of the hunting pen, was put down just a few weeks after Link died; her arthritis had become crippling. I really hope the next year isn’t nearly so traumatic.

Losing a friend like that is never easy, especially one who has helped you through the bad times. My thoughts go out to you.

I’m so sorry for your loss. {{{sewalk}}}


I’m so sorry to hear that, sewalk. Sadly we’re usually cursed to outlive our pets; but the joy of living with them outstrips the pain of parting from them. It sounds like Buster had a wonderful life with you, and I’m sure he appreciated that he could be there even in the hard times.

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