I just called somebody I haven't talked to in 14 years

Yep, I looked up some old friends for a particular reason, it’s a cool reason, and I got the answering machine and left a msg.

Wow, what a trip calling somebody after that long

.What is your longest not call thing?

My 25th high school reunion is in a few weeks. I won’t be going and I last saw them all about 20 years ago.

During the last week I called a friend who I worked with in the 1970’s. I last saw him in 1989. I think I have spoken to him once since then.

Not a call, but I just signed up for Mensa Spain and my local coordinator gave me regards from another region’s coord, who is an old college classmate. We haven’t seen each other in 13 years but my name is unmistakable (so’s his).

Considering your screenname … Were you “calling occupants of interplanetary craft”?

I had dinner and drinks with a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen or talked to since '91 (we graduated in '88). It was a wonderful evening and I am hoping that even though we are half a country away that we can continue and renew our friendship.

Growing up I was very close with my older cousins. Then they all got married and had kids. I remember a big party with all their kids there from ages 1-5.
Then I moved out of state, did my own thing for a while. Just recently visited my cousins again. All their kids are in college. Just bizarre to see an adult and the last you saw them they were 3 years old.

When I was 14 (1993) I was all about the BBS scene. I met a boy and we sort of liked eachother so we had a “date” at the local amusement park. His parents came and picked me up and we spent the day there by ourselves.

I guess I didn’t have a good time, or he creeped me out or something because we really never spoke again.

This year I looked him up on bbsmates and we REALLY hit it off. Turns out we have a lot in common and he just lives down the road. We’ve been dating since February :slight_smile:

I can’t really figure out why we stopped talking, but my final decision was “he was 14 at the time. Nobody likes 14 year old boys.” :slight_smile:

I haven’t talked to my best friend Sandi in more than ten years…

I wasn’t a very good friend to her back then - I had so much going on (no excuse) and was pretty self centered.

I feel like I should call her up, apologize, and see if we can’t pick up our friendship…

Too scared, though.

When I was around 38 I got a call from an old boyfriend who(m?) I dated when I was 21. He saw my picture on some online dating service.

We went out for drinks then went back to his place where I took digital pics to email him for his online dating profile. And that was it. It was a fun evening.