I just canceled my Netflix. Here's why.

Some utter shithead at Netflix decided that the thing my life needed was for a fucking commercial for their latest show to start playing with moving video and sound as soon as I launched the app! I have no interest in this show, and if I wanted to watch commercials, I wouldn’t be paying for Netflix, would I? So I canceled it and won’t go back.

Of course they pimp their original content a bit so you know it’s there, but it’s hardly comparable to the deluge of constant advertising that you’re subjected to with… nearly any other entertainment service.

And since there’s literally no other alternative that will give you that level of quality and quantity of content, have fun with whatever other hobbies you have. Which may in fact be much more worthwhile pursuits. Or maybe not. I don’t know what you do for fun.

Well, that’s a pretty fucking stupid reason.

Yes, stupid to vote with your wallet when the product your are paying for starts doing something you don’t like. How dare he not let Netflix do whatever the hell they want!

A lot of people fucking hate ads. People don’t like paying for something just to have to watch ads. Companies go out of their way to try and tailor ads to individuals so they won’t get annoyed by them. Yes, how weird is he that seeing the same ad over and over on a supposedly ad-free experience is frustrating enough for him to choose to no longer pay for the service!

And I guess Rigamarole has never heard of Netflix’s primary competition: piracy. Netflix gets viewers by being more convenient. But you know what pirated content never has? Fucking ads.

The Internet is absolutely full of people who hate ads. Adblock is everywhere. Hulu Plus had to offer an ad free experience. YouTube now has a pay service that removes ads. Content creators all over the Internet have moved to Patreon, where donations get them more money than ads can.

You may be willing to put up with this, but kudos to the OP for putting his money where his mouth is. And the idea that he will be without video to watch or other shit to do online is absolutely laughable.

Good for you. Stand up to The Man. We’re all right behind you… watching Netflix.

I am not sure that what the OP rails against even qualifies as a commercial. Maybe an announcement but they aren’t asking for you to spend any extra money are they? Just saying, “Hey have a look at this that you have already paid for. If you are interested.”

Some of us hate shit that autoplays when we go to a website or ap, too.

I hate those too, but you know you can just stop the ad playing, right? Dropping the service to avoid a mouse click seems extreme to me. I drop Netflix for several months a year anyway - I sign up when something I like gets there and drop it when there’s nothing I want on. For 2015 I signed up for Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but I lingered a month or two after DD watching Sense8 and some anime.

Reported for promoting, encouraging or otherwise abetting criminal activity. You’d better watch your step, young man.

Meanwhile, I’m very happy with Netflix, specially because and unlike other providers, their membership is good in any country in which they give service. The subtitles thing is a bit of a bitch, but a proxy addon to my firefox fixed that with a few clicks (most of their material only offers subtitles in whatever the “local” language is, so if you want to watch foreign material with the subtitles in the original language you have to switch to a location with that language assigned).

Geez, life must really suck for some people.

Well, then. More Netflix for the rest of us I guess.

We discontinued our Netflix account because their offerings were shite. Unless that’s changed recently?

Well, there is more of it…

Netflix’s user interface is utter shit, from the way they’ve started autoplaying videos when you have them selected to the world’s most poorly written teaser summaries.

But you still get an assload of content* for not very much money a month.

*Not really, but there are other, more specialized, sites on the internet that can provide these things for you.

I might sign up for it if I knew what was available on it, but the website doesn’t give me a clue-it just has the option to sign up for one of three plans. Where do I go to see what I would be getting for my money?

There are various unofficial sitesthat try to aggregrate Netflix info.

You should also be able to sign up for a month-long free trial.

eta: I just spent some time looking at that site and it appears to suck. YMMV.

Well there’s that big “So much to watch!” link right in the middle of the screen…

Oh - it just goes to the “sign up for your free month” screen. That seems like a missed opportunity. One of the pains of Netflix is exactly what you point out - it doesn’t provide a list of its own content. There are 3rd party websites out there that collect the info (like whatisonnetflix.com), so it’s not impossible - but I do spend a lot of time surfing.

The movie selection is kind of shitty. But for TV it’s really good. Their original programming has gotten much, much better.

Instantwatcher.com will give you a good idea of what they have.