I just cast my vote for...(and this hurts)

Barack Obama.

I think it must be like getting a blow job from a guy. It feels really good, but I would be embarassed to tell someone… (since I am heterosexual and grew up in a homophobic environment. Take it as the job that it was…:wink: )

But it was the right choice. 1st time ever Dem Presidential voter…

When you change your registration, it will feel like giving a guy a blowjob…

Well done, sir. And I say that not only because you voted for the candidate I support, but because you’ve clearly thought about your decision carefully.

I have a friend who is the most right-wing person I ever met. Pretty much a fascist. She voted for Obama because she couldn’t stand the thought of Palin in the White House.

I can’t imagine anyone being embarrassed to vote for Barak Obama. Hell, I voted for Carter in 1980 and Dukakis in 1988, and I’m not embarrassed. I’m proud I voted.

The Obama campaign also swayed this traditional Old-School Republican to his side, I didn’t like either candidate, but Obama was the lesser of the two evils

I didn’t like McCain’s stance on Iraq, health care, and the fundie leanings of Palin, I didn’t like Obama’s hostility towards the Second Amendment, but I feel he’ll have too much on his plate fixing Bush’s frak-ups and other incompetence to even worry about 2A issues

Barack. Barack. Barack.

On the brighter side, not voting for McCain has taken you off plenty of women’s Do Not Fuck lists!

I proudly voted Nader. I like his platform, and I simply refuse to vote for “the machines” anymore. What can I say?

And this is the 4th time I’ve filled out an absentee ballot too!

Congratulations to Senator, now Presumptive President Elect Barack Obama.

That you apparently don’t know Nader gets money from the GOP.


This is irony, not politics.

Really. Is there a web site I can go to to get a list? :wink:

In the 2004 campaign? Anything from this campaign?