I just created my own Email program

Umm, OK, no I didn’t; that’s developer arrogance.

What I did was solve the last major hurdle in being able to create my own email program. All the things I know for sure I can do but haven’t bothered to do within this program I think of as “done”. Annoying trivial stuff like the graphical user interface and the basic scripts like the search scripts and so on.

So it looks like shit and a lot of operations that ought to be powered by buttons require manual operations instead. BFD. When someone clicks [this](mailto:somebody@isp.org?Subject=hello world&cc=cc@someaddress.com&bcc=someotheraddress.com&body=This is the body of an email) the app I created responds and receives the mailto info and is prepared to send it at the click of a [del]button[/del] OK so I don’t have buttons yet but invoking the Send Mail script manually sends resulting script on its way. (and yes, THAT works)

It does file attachments. It does multiple file attachments. it can fetch from an infinite number of specified inbound email accounts. It can send any given email out FROM any of an infinite number of specified email accounts AND use any of an infinite number of SMTP servers, each with their own authentications locally stored. It can use RULES (massively, infinitely flexible) for which default SMTP Server and account to use to send while allowing manual overrides. And it can assign not only any of an infinite number of possible flags but a virtually infinite number of concurrent flags to any inbound or outbound email, including assigning the account to use to reply to and whether or not to use an auto-response and if so which auto-response to use, or just to throw it away, or to throw it into a holding tank of suspected spam with any of an infinite number of explanatory reasons for why it is considered spam. (OK so I haven’t written those scripts yet but that’s easy)

Aside from infinite reach of defining what is or is not spam, it can do an unending sequence of received-mail rules. IF subject contains any of these 2019 values OR From header is not in address book UNLESS From header contains any of the values listed in a list of good trusted domains, then IF file attachment count >0 OR there is a live clickable link in the email body, then UNLESS body contains one of the following interesting phrases OR subject contains one of them, move it to mailbox “X” don’t make a sound or pop up a “new mail” dialog but don’t throw it in the trash, do flag it in the “dubious content” flagfield with the values among the 2019 specified values that causes it to be treated this way, DO make it show up dull brown, and add the sender to the report of senders of suspicious emails. (OK so I haven’t written those scripts yet but that’s also easy).

Infinite searching capabilities against up to approx 7 terabytes of saved text (attachments saved externally), with search engine that can do multiple field search requests and multiple “and” searches and sort the results by any parameter. Find me every email in which THIS specified word does appear in the body omitting those where either this other word also appears in the body or the sender name contains this or the date is before 1/1/2004, and also include all emails where this OTHER specified word appears in the body if the attachment count is greater than one not counting those where attachment name contains “vcard” or where date received is greater than 5/1/2009. Sort by body length in characters. (OK so I have to do that manually now, there’s no GUI for it. But searching and sorting is native and all I have to do is create a GUI)

AND, as soon as the progress of operating systems and email protocols finally makes Eudora 6 MacOS too unweildy and too ancient for its intended purpose, I’ve got something to migrate to.

Thunderbird and Entourage and Apple Mail can kiss my ass.


Did you do this for fun? Or work? Or practice?

(Don’t misunderstand me, I think that kind of thing is fun. I’m currently building a simple php/mysql photo album site for the sake of learning how.)

This is so weird. I just finished creating my own email GUI. I just don’t have any code to pin it to.

I just have my mailto: links configured to go to GMail. Easier that way :slight_smile:

I don’t do web mail, can’t stand it.

First and foremost, I did it to have an email program that looks and behaves the way I want it to. Seriously. I like Eudora but there will be no further versions of it. I don’t like Thunderbird, I don’t like Apple Mail, I don’t like Entourage or Outlook, etc etc.

Do you have any plans on Open Sourcing the code? I’m guessing it runs on OSX.


(or MailHunter)

It’s a FileMaker runtime. There’s no source code in the C++ sense of the word. I could release the database + runtime engine …I’m more likely to charge a shareware fee if I go that direction.

It could run under Windows as well but one of the plug-ins was created explicitly for this purpose and is, for the moment, MacOS only. If I were to make the app available I’d probably go x-plat.