I just discovered "The Kingsman" and boy, what fun movies!!

I don’t know how the two “Kingsman” movies slipped under my radar, but they did. I happened to stroll across them yesterday as I was browsing Amazon.

Liked them so much I binged BOTH of them last night. Loved the fight scenes!
Anyway, anyone else dig these movies?:slight_smile:

The first was slightly better than okay IMO. The second was somewhat less than okay IMO. The fight choreography (including the camera work) in both is well done.

No love for Elton John Bo? :smiley:

I saw both in the theaters and I didn’t like the second one as much as I liked the first one.

Yes. The second one went just a bit too far. But Elton was ace.

I saw them both on DVD and thought they were great, especially the well-choreographed fight scenes. It was like John Woo meets James Bond.

Haven’t seen em. Will. Haven’t seen the John Wick films either.

The first time I tried to watch the first one I had to give up, though that’s really no fault of the movie itself. I have a terrible time with British accents, so I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying, and therefore couldn’t follow the plot. I got as far as the part when

the girl drowned in the training facility

and I quit in fury and disgust. These are reprehensible scumbags, and they’re supposed to be the good guys? Screw that, I’m out.

I eventually made the discovery that you can have English subtitles on an English language program. (I know, I know, I’m special.) So I tried it again and was able to follow it all the way through. It was mildly entertaining and cute. It was also revealed that

the drowned girl had actually survived and was working as an analyst or some such

but I’m not sure that makes it much better. I have a feeling that detail was added in exposition because of the feedback of test audiences.

The second one just went WAY too far into camp and cutesy.

I doubt that. It fits with the rest of the challenges that were pretty much all fakeouts (like the “broken” parachute or the train)

Loved the first and liked the second. Also discovered my new boyfriend who, it turns out, sings like an angel and, coincidentally, sings Elton’s song in the movie Sing! Don’t know if he played piano, though.

Nobody ever acknowledges that the first one would have ended with the death of every single baby on earth.

I think that point was made clear by the hero’s sister trying viciously to kill her own kid.

The second one is a mess, but the first is great.

The new one they’re making is a prequel, like set 100 years ago I think.


His mother not his sister, but yes, that indicated how horrible the situation was.

Agreed. Killing Roxy was as tone deaf as killing Newt at the beginning of Alien 3 was.

The first one was great. The second one was so ravaged in the reviews that we passed on it.

Both films were a lot of fun. And a great joy to watch.

Same with the John Wick films. A lot of fun.

I’m just glad I don’t let other people tell me what to think and let them make up my mind for me or I might have missed out on how much I enjoyed these movies.

That is an excellent point. It’s nice to know what others think, but if we let that totally control our choices, we might miss out on a lot of stuff that we would really enjoy.

What people? The first *Kingsman *was well reviewed, and *John Wick *is largely considered by critics to be one of the best action movies of the 21st Century. I agree that they’re great movies, but liking them doesn’t make us great independent thinkers.

I agree with the sentiment though. “AI” is one of my favorite movies. Yet it’s nearly hated by everyone.