I just dropped an air conditioner out of a second story window?

I laughed at people that did it. I was being careful not to do it myself. Our bedroom was too hot so I got another window unit down from the attic. I had the unit sitting on the window while I screwed the side baffles in. I carefully positioned it with the window down. I don’t know what the hell happened next. I just gave it a little push to move it into final position and it went. Part of it caught on my wedding ring and nearly ripped my finger off and I frantically grabbed the cord as it descended which nearly jerked me out with it except it ripped off in my hands. My wife and daughter were actually looking out of the glass doors downstairs when the usual air conditioner crashed right in front of them. I got my wedding ring off before my finger started swelling. There is a dented and shattered air conditioner still embedded in the yard if anyone wants a free one.

Photos please.

Heh. Could be worse. I was trying to take an air conditioner out of a window. I still have the scars from 69 stitches where the damn thing shifted in my hands and caused my hands to fly through the window.

Glad for no serious injuries. I had nearly the same thing happen to me, but from the first floor – I’m no moron and it seemed inconceivable prior to the event, but there she went. There was a schematic printed on the inside of the unit, and some two years later, I got around to replacing the cable and rewiring a few other bits. No problems since then.

I once owned a rental house in the midwest. My tenant called one day, to say he was installing a window A/C unit, and broke the window.

I went over, measured the window, went to the hardware store, got the glass and all the extras, then back to the little house, replaced the glass, then headed home. A good 4 hours I’d never get back.

When I arrived home there was a message on the machine. He’d started his project over as soon as I left, and… broke the window again.

Back I went.
Silly me, he did it again the next day! When I went over that time I told him I would be happy to install his air conditioner.

And, that as part of our rental agreement, he was to call me before any attempt at repair, and would he mind if we included any installations.

His job? He was an engineering professor. :dubious:

“Mommy, daddy made a boo boo!”

Yeah…I know you just dropped an air conditioner…and as soon as I get this thing off my head I’m comin’ lookin’ for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine was removing her airconditioner last year. She opened the windown and then next thing she saw was the electric cord snaking over the sill. It only fell one story, but landed on some cement steps. Not pretty.

I can imagine the look on your face as it went down, and the looks on their faces as it crashed in front of them! Glad you’re not too badly hurt.

Cat Lady, 69 stitches? Wow!

The draw pipe on my well pump as a nylon rope on it in case I drop it down the well casing.
Is there not some large eyebolt provided on window AC units to secure it from theft on the first floor and falling on the second? This is a good thing to set our Senators off on rather than requiring the package of desiccant in the rice crackers being imprinted with “DO NOT EAT”.

One of my first summer jobs was installing ACs in Columbia-Presbyterian hospital in Manhattan, and it took me a while to get the hang of it.

The first time I installed one unsupervised, it wound up on the sidewalk nine stories below in about 8,000 pieces.

Needless to say, it was a long time before my next unsupervised installation.

Wow, you’re lucky, that could have been a nasty degloving accident. (My dad’s company used to have a warehouse, and when I was a kid my mom and I spent a lot of time in the office and all. When we’d go into the warehouse there was this big picture on the wall, one of those workplace safety posters, of somebody’s hand post-degloving-accident. Bones and strings and things. Disturbing, yet fascinating, to six year old me.)

Window units are pretty rare here, since central air is pretty much de rigeur (although I did look at a house without it - they would have knocked off the price of installation). They always look to me as if they’re about to fall right out of a window. I’m shocked it doesn’t happen more often.

And for the curious, a degloving accident is just what it sounds like, except the glove in this case is your skin.

**picunurse ** - yeah, what is it about engineers that lets them be brilliant at their profession, but utterly stupid in the real world. My brother’s an ME, and he’s emphatically prohibited from attempting anything more challenging at home than changing a lightbulb. Another friend has a PhD in something that NASA finds worthy, but can’t be trusted to keep oil in his car’s engine. He was able to make a little robot roam around on Mars, but closer to home? Oh boy…

Dropping appliances from a second story window is more much fun when it’s performed on purpose. College students + beer + old appliances = …well you get the idea.

Was it a Commando 8, 12,000 BTUs of raw cooling power? You don’t even have to screw it in!

I’m glad there was no dog beneath it.

Let’s hear it for central air…YAY!

Except I still have to help my sister lug her huge air conditioner from her garage to her living room each year. At least it’s on the ground floor.