I just gave notice.

My last day with my old company is the 17th of May, and I start on full-time with what has been, to date, a long-time client.

I feel strange.

Nothing particularly wrong with the old company, but consultancy has grown thin on me, and my parent company is going nowhere, fast. That might change, maybe, but no time in the forseeable future. OTOH, I’m going to work for one of the Big Five pharmas, one with a superior product line and research pipeline, in a role that I’ve essentially created during my tenure here.

Life is good, yet I’m not dancing in the street either. I’m leaving behind a company that took a chance on an unlettered squid, and people who have been friends, mentors, and colleagues. OTOH, I’m moving into a company that took a chance on a consultant without appropriate experience, and I’ll be working alongside people who have become friends, mentors, and colleagues.

Life is good, and yet I’m a bit sad, too.

My pay will be the same, but my benefits will increase significantly. I’m going to be allowed onto projects that my consultant status kept me off of, previously. I won’t be doing Wilmington - NYC commutes anymore. Still, I’m going to miss the old company.

I’ve made a difficult choice between two very good options.

Life is good.

Glad to hear things are going well, Tranq(u):slight_smile: Seems like you’ll be having more time for things like family life, too, which is always (or so it seemed when we last chatted) a bonus:)

Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention: My new company is building a daycare facility right on site!

Yet another bonus!

Fargin’ server ate my login, again!

Those are what I like to call “Cadillac problems” Tranquilis. Aren’t they a nice change from the ugly problems?

Good luck and enjoy!

I’ve only changed jobs once (not counting the many shifts in ownership at my old job) and I found it emotionally difficult. But I’ve been in the new job for over 24 years, and I have never thought the change was a mistake.

Good luck!

Had a face-to-face with my soon-to-be-ex-manager today. He’s being extremely cool about the whole thing. I was kinda concerned, 'cause I was his first subordinate when he was promoted to a management role, and I didn’t want him to take my departure personally. I guess I did a half-way decent job raising my baby manager, he’s taking it very professionally (I’m also his first resignation).

Cadillac probs… Oh yes. Much better than Yugo problems. :slight_smile: