I just got a better job, and I may even get a better one still

Earlier today I went to an interview at a local community college (the college I graduated from actually) for a part time job and I got it. It will be for about 20 hours a week, at about $14/hour. The job I posted about getting a week or so ago pays $8.50/hour and, well this week I’ve been getting more hours, but the average I have been working was about 10 hours per week.

At my new job they’re putting me on a two month probation period. I’ll stick with both jobs for now, but if my new job goes well, I’m thinking of ditching my current job if I can afford it.

However, I might be able to ditch both. On Friday I talked with a lady about a contract to perm job which would be full time starting at $14.26/hour. Since I didn’t hear back today, I should hear about it tomorrow.

If I don’t get the full time job then the main reason may be my resume. The lady I talked to said it is way too vague and I really need to add more details.

Congrats and update the old resume

Thank you. And I am going to work on it.

Yay! I hope you get the best possible job!


And if you don’t get the contract job, it’s probably a good idea to stick with both jobs for a while so that you’ll have more specifics to include in your resume. (Especially if you’re working on different tasks in both jobs…)

So after getting off work (at the computer repair shop) I call home and my mom (she helps take care of my disabled wife) answers and said I got a call about an interview for the full time job but she didn’t know how to get a hold of me. I mentioned my cell phone and she was like, :smack: “I didn’t think about that.” So now I’ll call back tomorrow and hope I’ll still have the interview waiting for me.

I also haven’t heard back about my college job, so I don’t know if they’re still running the background check or what.

Well one of the interviewers for the college job (there were 3) said I should stay at my computer tech job until I know for sure that the college job will work out. And that makes sense. I don’t want to quit my current job, only to find out that the college job won’t work. Then I’d be jobless again :eek:.

So… Nobody got a better job?

Nobody does it better.

(Yay for you!)

Congrats! Good luck in your new job!

At last, some good news on the economy! Congrats, and best wishes.

Johnny L.A. and Shirley Ujest - Sorry I can’t think of a witty reply :slight_smile:

Well, for the full-time job this is kind of strange. On Friday I go to a meet and greet, sort of an interview I guess. There will be 10 of us and representatives of Interlogix. The company reps will choose 8 of us to go on, and the other two will be backups. After 8 of us are chosen, THEN we’ll get an application to fill out (I say we, assuming I’ll get chosen :D). We’ll also get a background check, have to do a drug screening, and fill out a bunch of paperwork.

But this is the first time I’ve heard of doing an interview before filling out an application.

I think it’s normal for more senior/technical positions. At my job I interviewed, was offered a job, accepted, and on my first day of work I had to fill out an application.

I assume in situations like this, that the application is a formality? They got the information about me from my resume in the first place, so maybe the application is for record-keeping, or something like that?

I believe that’s correct in my case. HR needs to know my address, social security number, etc. Of course, if there was something really bad on my application, they could have rescinded the offer I suppose.

Thinking about it, the job isn’t through Interlogix*. They’re hiring through Adecco, so that probably has something to do with it.

*There’s a six month to a year training. Those of us who do well can then be hired on permanently

I got the job!

Next week I have to do an hour drive to another city to take a drug test and fill out a bunch of paperwork and have a background check done, but since I know I’ll pass those with flying colors, I have it in the bag.

I quit the one job paying minimum wage but I’ll wait on quitting the other part-time job since I haven’t even started yet. I think they still must be waiting on the background check.

It’s temp to start, and if we (there’s 8 of us) do well, then we can get hired on permanently. The temp agency we’re going through says it can be 6 months to a year, but a couple of the supervisors said they can wait up to 2 years. Oh well. Even as a temp I’ll be making the most money per hour that I’ve ever made.

Wow, that’s awesome, Nobody! Congrats.

Nobody gets a good break these days. Congrats, dude.

Thanks :D.