When will they hire me!?

So i have been working a job that I hate for the longest! (Aren’t we all) So after this one particularly bad day I decided to start putting my resume back out there. After a couple weeks I got a hit for a really cool job and I followed up on it. After a great interview and walk and meet, he tells me that I am the man for the job, but there is not a job at the moment. He says I am first on his list and I have to wait for an opening.

I have a friend who works at the plant who was told that I smashed my interview, smashed being a positive.

Now I am walking around at my current job all on edge, because I feel like I am out the door. Leaving me to constantly stop my self from being an ass, because I don’t have a set date yet.

Has this happened to anyone here before, and how long did it take for you to finally get that call?

There are too many variables here. Are they trying to create an opening for you? Why did they interview you for a “really cool job” that doesn’t exist? Did they give you any projected dates when an opening might exist?

Are you familiar with the adage, “Don’t count the chickens in hand before they cross the road,” or something like that?

Sorry to be a downer, and I understand you are eager to leave your current job, but you are getting way ahead of yourself here. Not only have you not actually been offered a job, but you’ve been specifically told there isn’t even a job to be had. So you’ve officially got… nothing. You are not at all out the door. You aren’t even approaching the door yet.

Just keep doing your current job, and keep looking.

Get your mind set on the idea that this new job won’t happen and find a way to make your current job work for you. They’ll call you about the new job soon after that.

Nothing matters but “you’re hired”. If they think you aren’t quite a good match, or if the position isn’t actually open yet, or if there were many other qualified candidates, or if they’ll get back to you, those all mean the same thing, which is that they’re not saying “you’re hired”. Maybe it’ll turn into “you’re hired”, and if it does, that’s great… but maybe it won’t, too.

Damn, that sadly is how I think it is. My freind who works there says that they always need people and it just takes time to get in the door. it took him two weeks after his interview to be given a job. They aren’t creating a new job for me, I personally think they are going to fire someone. I am trying to stay firmly put in reality, but I am just really excited about it. When i said cool job I meant better paying job, and since I am putting my wife through college it will really help! I think you guys are right, but it sucks! I am going to continue doing my job as well as I always do, but should I keep sending out resumes, or should I wait on this offer?

Keep sending out resumes! At the very least, you widen your choices.

Keep sending out resumes as long as you want a new job. You might even find something better than the one you are waiting for, and the one you are waiting for may never materialize.

My last job dragged their feet on hiring me. They said they were waiting for an offer letter to be created, but three weeks went by and nothing. I got another offer in the meantime - not as good but they didn’t need to know that. I placed a call to the hiring manager, told him I had the other offer, but wanted to give them a chance to respond before I accepted it.

I had my offer letter the next day.

Go out there and find another offer. Let them know when you have it. Then you’ll find out if they are serious. If they are, this should get them off their backsides. If they aren’t, at least you’ll know (and have another offer!)

In this situation, every job I ever got was because I hounded them.

Call them up and ask, “When do I start?”

Definitely keep sending out resumes. You can’t lose. There are lots of reasons openings go away, none of them good. They may be in a hiring freeze. They may be cutting back. They may be negotiating with someone else. And all those assume that there was an opening.
You can still take the job if they offer it. If you get another offer, and they actually offer you the job, you can negotiate.
When my daughter was looking earlier this year she got an offer, and then they delayed getting it to her in writing. While she waited another place called her. She flew there, she interviewed, and in two days she got a better offer in a better place with more money and better benefits. It does happen.
BTW, did they tell you why they interviewed you for a non-existent job?

Shouldn’t that be, “I’ve worked off my notice at Acme Holdings now. So when do I start?”

Just into here to say a funny combo of thread title and last poster…

“When will they hire me!?”

don’t ask

Well, I’m bored, and that was the funniest thing that has happened to me today.


If they “always need people,” and you think they are going to fire someone, it might make sense to talk to your friend in the company and ask him how high their turnover level actually is and what the reasons for that might be. A better paying job is great, but if a majority of their new hires end up getting fired within a few months (or quitting because of the working conditions), you should probably take that into consideration before accepting any offer they might make.

Offer letter? You don’t need no stinkin’ offer letter. Do the George Costanza thing. You know, just show up and sit at a desk, start working and make a few friends at the water cooler.

Funny, something similar happened this week. I applied for a job and I know I did really well in the interview. I just don’t have any formal experience doing what the job is (teaching nursing skills labs at a career college and being the evaluator of practicum) although I have plenty of experience teaching/mentoring/ tutoring / evaluating people on their nursing and other skills . I knew if anyone else who had actually done the job before was a better fit I wouldn’t get the job. Nearly two weeks passed and I got an email on Friday saying they no longer have the job opening because another employee can now take that contract but they would like to hire and orient me for future opportunities. I said yes, but it’s weird to be hired for a job that doesn’t exist.

Just an update, as I am off the boards during weekends and holidays, I got it! They called me today and said to put in my two weeks!

Woo hoo! Congrats!

Job hunting is, literally, the worst thing ever and I’m glad to hear some positive news!

happy dance

Haha thank you guys! I have been searching forever for a better one!