Still Unemployed

I lost my job (software develeopment) last September. I’ve had a few interviews but no offers as of yet. On July 9 I had a phone interview for the big software company in the area. Later that day the HR guy said “Good news! they really like you and want an in-person interview” which I had on July 12th. I’ve wanted to work for this company ever sice I was let go, but they had been on a hiring freeze because the company was recently bought by a bigger company

I heard nothing and e-mailed the HR person on July 19th. Turns out he was on vacation.

On July 25th he replied that he had not heard anything about the position and needed to talk to the hiring managers.

As of this morning (the 27th) the job is no longer posted on thier website. Since they did not offer it to me, I presume someone else has accepted it.
(there is some hope, but if they wanted me I figure I would have heard something sooner)

Last time I was unemployed I had 3 inverviews and 2 offers (including one from the local company that got bought) and was only out of a job for 6 weeks.

Financially I’m doing OK, but I really don’t want to leave the area and now I’m thinking I will have to.


I feel for you, N9IWP. I despise job-hunting, every single time.

Keep your spirits up. That’s all I can suggest.

You might want to consider another kind of work so you have some income to allow yourself to stay in the area until the right job comes along.

Sorry to hear your news. Sending lucky thoughts your way!

The company just called. I did NOT get the position I interviewd for.
However, It sounds like they will make an offer for a DIFFERENT (but similar) position. :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I haven’t actually got the offer yet, but the HR guy said I would have something by the end of tomorrow (thursday the 2nd)

(not counting unhatched chickens)

Heck yeah, man, they liked you so much they created a new position/opening for you! high five

Wooohooo! Good luck! Let us know!

Good Luck N9IWP!

Sounds like that could be great!!! Congratulations. Keep us updated.


Good luck…

That’s how Mrs. Small got her current job. She applied and interviewed for one about 30 miles away, they called her a few weeks later and offered her one that was at the local office, only 4 blocks from our house or so.

Maybe this new job will be similar, but higher paying! Just a thought

Brendon Small

That sounds a whole lot better. Best wishes for you!

On a darker note, if it doesn’t work out, email me. We have replaced a certain person that went into a drunken tailspin, but there is still one open position in software development. Don’t know our background, obviously, but this would better be discussed off-line anyway.

<<Edited to add: From my location, I guess you can see that this job WOULD require a slight relocation>>

Or one hell of a commute :slight_smile:


Got the offer over the phone. Salary is the same as what I had at my last job, - which isn’t as good a raise, but I was at the point where I would have taken a cut (shhh!)
Actually, the salary will be higher because there is a quarterly bonus (based on individual + company performance)

Still no offer in writing yet, will get email today and hardcopy later.

Sounds like the position I interviewed for was filled, and I’m filling in for the position that was opened

I start August 20. I already planned on vacation Aug 4->9, now I might do something the week of Aug 13


Hooray! Wishing you luck and joy in your new career.

Congratulations on the job offer, N9IWP! How about celebrating with us in Vegas?

Good to hear. Being jobless blows.

Got the offer e-mailed to me. So now it is more “real” (apparently I will also get a hardcopy “via courier”) Need to sign and fax it back (by Aug 4)


All State Governments are always short of computer techs at all times.

Pay cut, true, but Health Insurance.

Try it.

Excellent! Congratulations and thanks for the updates.


Congratulations big time!!