I just got accused of being a hacker!

Needless to say, I am not one. Story follows:

For goodness sakes. I just got accused by an anonymous person on AIM of being a hacker. He messaged me first: “Stop hacking my computer!” Since I had NO idea what he was talking about (I have no technical expertise that way), I politely asked if he was mistaken. He said I was sending his computer a virus, and to please stop it.

So then I asked how he knew I was doing it. His response? “I don’t know you… stop attacking my computer, you hacker.” Then I asked WHY. “You messaged me first, and I don’t know you.” For the record, he messaged me first. (under a slightly modified name, since I blocked his first identity)

When I told him that, he wasn’t pleased… but then had the temerity to ask for my age / sex / location. I wouldn’t give that out to just anyone really… especially if you just accused me of being a hacker! :mad:

Trying to accuse me of things with no real reason behind it (especially of an anonymous attack against someone who I don’t know from Adam) is not going to work.

End of story: I blocked both of his identities, and so far he’s not come back. Damn good thing, too.


Heh, I got accused of being a hacker once. Here’s how it happened:

I was playing Planetside, and was doing some lone wolf type solo fighting out in a remote reigion of Ceryshen. I had myself nice and cozy in a bunker, armed with a Bolt Driver (sniper rifle to the layman). I was picking off Vanu infantry who were running through a forest, using my vision-enhancing implant to plink them at 400 meters (very long range in this game). A soldier in an infiltration suit (which gives partial invisibilty) tried to sneak past. I fired a couple of shots, but because he was both semi-invisible and running through a forest missed. However, I was certain that at one point he stopped and tried to hide behind a tree. When motionless, he was completely invisible, but not to my target reticle…I slowly moved the crosshair around the side of the tree hoping part of his body was exposed. The crosshair turned red, I squeezed of a shot, and he went down like a sack of bricks. Evidenly part of his pinky or nose or something was just barely sticking out and I nailed him with a fairly lucky shot.

Of course, to him, this was unfathomable. After all, he was invisible, in dense cover, in the middle of friggin nowhere. How could I possibly have hit him? Why, in his logic, I must have hacked the game somehow! And thus the accusations began, with me just laughing at him and taunting him and telling him he has a small wiener, his mom’s a whore, and other banter characteristic of online games :smiley:

Eh, he’s probably getting one of the viruses that “spoofs” the sender’s address (randomly stick any old address in the “From” line that may be in someone else’s address book).

He’s probably a newbie or too stupid to know the difference between “hack” and “virus.”

And you’d never be able to explain the concept of “spoofing” to him in that case.

Bah. Don’t sweat it. Confused newbie.

Thanks for the story, Incubus. Very lucky shots don’t count as hacks, to be sure.

Eats_Crayons: I’ve heard of those viruses before. But how would someone know my AIM identity if they got an email from me in one of those spoofed viruses? It’s not like I have my IM profile in my email sig or whatever.

Not nearly as mad about it now… more like irritated. Besides, my friend Corey’s trying to get me mock-mad about something else now… or that’s what I think.


thats mess up…but a different way to strike up a conversation…gotta give him that

“messed” that should read

Brad: That is messed up, indeed. I’d say it was a different way to strike up a conversation, but there are much better ways to do so than by accusing your potential new friend of being a hacker!


Yes, the fact that he asked for your a/s/l makes me think that he’s trying to make you feel guilty and obligued to give you that info. Just a possibility, but there are too tricky minds…

“to give him that info”, I meant. :smack:

HA! I have HAXOR’D this board taking away your grammer. Spelling is next.


Is it possible that your computer was hacked and is now hacking others?

You know like someone set up a server on your machine.

<standard advice for Windows users>

Set up ZoneAlarm as your software firewall, to let you know what anything is trying to communiucate into or out of your computer.

Run AVG Antivirus, Ad-Aware, and Spybot Search-and-Destroy every day, to find malicious programs in your computer.

</standard advice for Windows users>

…and it’s “cracked”, people. Computer crime is “cracking”.

That sounds like exactly what a hacker would say! I’m on to you… :dubious:

My guess is he made up the whole thing so that he could find out your age/sex/location. First he intimidated you to shake you up a bit, then he went in for the kill.

Or maybe he was jerking your around, trying to get a “funny AIM chatlog”.


t4!5 p05t 4@$ b33n h@><0r4D by 4h3 HAXOR!!!


Well, it’s no wonder! Look at all the time you spend here on the board posting instead of working … what? Oh, did you say “hacker”? I thought you said “slacker” …

Never mind!


Just say “If I was a hacker, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d be ordering a new Sybian with your credit card.”

Okay, folks like me who didn’t know what a “sybian” is, DON’T do a Google Image Search to find out if your at work!!